Where to watch (and eat) during the World Cup?

Eater LA put out a list below, but it’s a bit generic and lazy.

Curious if there are hidden gems that people know of.

Especially looking for those nooks and cranny places where it’s localized with ex-pats from one particular country or region.

For example, there was a small arepa restaurant in the heart of the Jewelry District in DTLA (that sadly did not survive the pandemic) that would host these fantastic World Cup watch parties during the 2018 tournament and there would be rows and rows of all kinds of arepas, and endless bottles of Polar beer, with guys and gals so entrenched in football culture that they could write two Ph.D’s on the topic.

Any place like that nowadays?

Do tell, please.

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It is probably for the best that Eater and some other lists have been generic and heavy on the British pubs who can serve big crowds. Being in tune with so much of the football-watching people in Los Angeles through my writing of food (and football obsession), most of the best places you are talking about could not handle an influx of Eater or large publication’s readers and many members of their community might miss out.

That being said, my little very niche website will have coverage from watch parties with each of the 32 nations. Social clubs, private residences, art galleries, and of course restaurants and bars. Wish me luck!

The World Cup in Los Angeles


shoutout to @EattheWorldLA , goooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaallllllllllaaaaaaaaaaa ! (ignore the headline and see the good part)

who’s advanced to the knockout stage foodwise btw?


Was humbled by the inclusion and thanked Cathy when I saw this. Admittedly, having four meals in 12 hours is not in my wheelhouse, haha, so I have not been eating at every place, but am linking to articles of the places I have written in the past to provide good food content and hopefully not piss off the non-sports fans too much :slight_smile:

Been having so much fun. 21 of 32 so far, cheered with Ghanaians and Swiss today.


I was wondering about that game of thrones bar on sawtelle btw, nice job!

2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar Match 2 - IRAN :iran: | Eat the World Los Angeles (eattheworldla.com)