Where to stock up [Greater Boston area, MA]

This might not be a priority for people at this time, but what’s the packaging like? I’m thinking about getting some meal kits or grocery delivery for my mom would be a first for her.

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Thanks, that’s very helpful!

Ingredients for each meal are in a separate paper bag, with the exception or protein (meat, fish) which are in plastic (and on an ice pack). The packaging is mostly recyclable save for the modest amount of plastic wrapping the meat/fish.

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This morning, 3/19, I went to Market Basket on the Chelmsford/Lowell line to resupply my older neighbor and to top up on a few things for us. Around 7:30 AM I could shop with ample physical distancing and was able to find most of the items on our lists.

Fresh meat cases were largely empty on this day. The cleaning products aisle continued to look hard-hit, as were the paper goods (buying limits are now in place).

MB has also initiated senior shopping hours for customers who are 60+. Market Basket stores are now open exclusively for these customers from 5:30 AM to 7:00 AM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Hope this info helps.


For anyone interested, root vegetables available Saturday in Somerville from Winter Moon Farm, info from Clover Food Lab which is helping to get the word out:

Winter Moon Roots will sell beautiful, nutritious roots from the back of a pickup truck on Highland Ave in Somerville (in between Tower St and the Center for Arts at the Armory ) this Saturday 3/21 from 9am-noon.

-He’ll maintain 6 feet between each person in line so please be patient and safe, and prepare to wait a little bit longer than usual.

-Please bring 20’s and 5’s so change does not have to be made. Cash is preferred but Venmo will also be accepted.

The bags will be pre-packed (so won’t need to pick through bins) and they will include organic carrots, beets, radishes and parsnips at $20 for 7 pounds plus $5 for smaller 1.5 lb “add-on” bags. He’ll also have packages of Mi Tierra tortillas for sale, made in Hadley, MA with the corn he grows.h

These roots will keep for weeks in the fridge and they are just so delicious and so colorful! If you’re curious how to use them, we’ll also be posting some videos next week on how to quick-pickle them (with Michael Docter himself joining us on video!)


I’m within walking distance of Berman’s, thank gawd.

I’m happy to report that Bread Obsession is still doing their bread deliveries. I nabbed the last loaf of sunflower seeded sourdough (my favorite) and a huge sourdough loaf (spring onion’s favorite). They had just made their delivery and the bread was still warm. :slightly_smiling_face:


MF Dulock is open Thu-Sat for pickup of pre-orders. They are still figuring things out but are moving away from in store shopping completely for now. I believe they are not taking any more pre-orders for this weekend. However I did call early yesterday and was able to pick up a bunch of great meat to stock our freezer. They are only allowing one person in the store at a time and offering curbside pickup as well. Their hygiene standards seem exemplary for a process put together on the fly.

They are also fundraising to fund weekly boxes for their meat club members who may not be able to afford their weekly payment. Good people there.


Forge is doing pickup and delivery (https://forgebakingco.com/) and they’re offering more than just breads: you can get milk, butter, vegetables, even some paper goods.


Not food related, but has anyone seen any Lysol or disinfectant spray in their travels? We have a lot of packages being delivered by UPS, FedEx, Amazon etc. I am currently using gloves to open and discarding the packaging outside. However I am looking to up my decontamination game.

(I know I’m a freak)


Can’t help you there bro. You seem to be taking all the necessary steps just friggin wash your hands when you come in with good old bar soap and hot water


Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge is open for take out orders only. They have a nice system for distancing - they bring the order out to the sidewalk and put it in a box for you to pick up. Phone orders or they have a person on the sidewalk taking orders. Would be nice if you could place take-out orders via the web site, but that’s just for shipping orders (FedEx, UPS).


We have a couple of overlapping threads. Here’s a slightly previous discussion:

The FK website currently (3/22/20, 6:01 p.m.) lists different options at different stores:
https://www.formaggiokitchen.com/important-updates but, of course, the situation is so fluid it may be changing as I type.

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you can sign up for updates.


Market Basket stores are now closing at 6 PM daily, to help ease the burden on their hardworking team.


I have not been, but friends have reported the Somerville Market Basket as being fairly well stocked with minimal crowds.


that’s how Burlington was a week ago Saturday. big contrast to when I tried to go to Wegman’s Friday morning, which was well stocked but the big lines were such a nightmare (snaking all the way up and down the liquor section aisles) and once the lady behind me rammed her cart into my backside (she was looking at her phone and not paying attention, obvs) we downsized and headed to the 20 items or less self checkout. which still took awhile, but allowed us to get out of there faster.


A friend reported a similar scene at the Wegmans in Westwood late last week. people running in the aisles as if they were on Supermarket Sweep and being quite discourteous. It’s disappointing to hear.


I stopped into Wegmans in Burlington yesterday (Monday) around 3 pm after dropping the guys off at a hidden fun biking / scootering area at the Burlington Mall. I don’t normally go to Wegmans but when I have, it’s usually quite busy. It was a relative ghost town yesterday. The rules they have in place to protect the cashiers was a bit awkward, but I managed not to bungle it up.

With the new shelter-in-place advisory in place, I wonder if there will be another wave of panic shopping?


Russo’s is offering delivery, and also three options of Russo’s boxes at a flat rate, which they will bring out to your car and place in the trunk.

I haven’t purchased one, but it’s Russo’s, so it’s likely to be very good.


Juliet restaurant in Somerville sent an email saying that many of their suppliers are also hurting and are looking for ways to sell direct to consumers. They mentioned that Iggy’s bread is apparently delivering free of charge for a $20 or more order. I tried to call Iggy’s at about 5:30 (normally open til 6) and they weren’t answering and their website is not updated in the past few weeks, so I can’t confirm but I will try again tomorrow. Also not sure what their delivery area would be, but they do supply tons of restaurants all over so I’m thinking Somerville is not out of the question.