Where to go for an anniversary dinner in a holiday weekend on the shore?

Yeah, I know it’s not a good idea for dinner along the shore in the peak of summer and even worse on the Fourth of July weekend but looking for something good (Italian or fish) if possible, and have it yet made reservations Aargh

I just checked Open Table for Saturday at 7 and came up with the following that I’d recommend tho not really Italian or fish:

Semolina @ 6
Reyla @ 6:45 or 7:15
Stella Marina @ 6:45 or 7:15

On Resy:
Spring Lake Seafood (I’ve never been but I know people who like it)

I see you specifically asked about Flavia’s Cucina - which I know nothing about - but if there’s something else you’re thinking of maybe someone else will

Tagging @CurlzNJ in case she has any ideas.

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As @MsBean knows, I’m a huge fan of Reyla (food and cocktails!) so if they have a reservation available and you like legit Mediterranean cuisine, that would be my pick! Then again, I still haven’t been to Semolina and everyone I know who has gone just raves about it.

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I have no recommendations for restaurants that are specifically Italian or seafood. That said…

If you like Thai food, I just posted about our lunch at Kunya Siam Thai, in Atlantic Highlands. (See Kunya thread.) The menu does include fish and seafood. (I like the Jumbo Shrimp Tamarind.) They don’t use on-line reservations, so you would have to call about availability this weekend.

Since Semolina, in Red Bank, has been suggested, you might consider Nicholas Barrel and Roost. The address is Red Bank, but it’s actually in Middletown, on the Red Bank border. Open Table is showing lots of reservations the entire weekend.

Another popular place is Drew’s Bayshore Bistro, in Keyport. There is a pasta dish and lots of seafood on the menu. They don’t use on-line reservations, so you would have to call to see what’s available for today and tomorrow (closed on Sundays).

Happy Anniversary!

Good call on Drew’s - fantastic food!