Where to get value kimchi (Massachusetts, Cambridge and Somerville, all neighborhoods)

As I begin to flex my own fermentation muscles, I’m also wondering where to get the best value kimchi. I love getting 16-oz jars from Market Basket in Somerville or any of the Whole Foods around, but I go through kimchi pretty fast and would love to buy larger quantities at lower per-pound/-volume prices. Any recs? Perhaps Reliable Market in Union, or H-Mart?

I should add that I’m (read: my partner is) especially fond of mild kimchi

h-mart in central square

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reliable Market Union Square, Somerville. They have a housemate, they have commercial made. Some huge containers. it’s very good.

Agreed - please try to patronize the Korean mom and pop shops…they are becoming extinct thanks to H-Mart. A few years ago, I would have suggested Han a Rheum (North Cambridge, where the ban chan was being made by a Korean granny), Mirim (Allston), or Reliable. Sadly, Reliable is the only one still hanging on.

Have you been to the Reliable lately? In many ways, it makes me very sad. Two full aisles devoted to beer and wine. Ends of aisles stocked with things like Barilla pasta and Ragu pasta sauce. The full-service butcher counter is now reduced to a tiny case of pre-prepared meat [still high quality though.] But on the good side, the produce is much better than it once was. They have steam buns, both ready to fill or pre-filled with combinations made in house. I haven’t investigated their cookery on the weekends. Not sure why I am hesitant to head down the hill on the weekends. Other good news, the kimchi is still wonderful [and try that seaweed salad in the banchan fridge], beautifully cut fish, and an increased noodle selection.

Whoops. Posted from the phone and didn’t see those funny typos.

Thanks y’all.

new word (via Eater) is that they are serving hot food from the 3rd room all day on Wednesday thru Sunday and now have some seating as well?. Sounds like your basic bibimbap, soondobu and etc. Any reports from the front?

I’ve been during the week- maybe not on one of the days you mention though. Thanks for the tip though, I’m gonna check it out.

I’ve also been enjoying their big jars of homemade kimchi, including all scallion kimchi.

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please report back! would love to know how it is.