Where to get turkey parts - East Bay


I’m only cooking Thanksgiving for two (2) and need to find a butcher or shop that sells turkey parts, breast and a leg. Even a half turkey is simply too much. Market Hall sells pre-brined parts but on the pricey side: $29 for breast. If I get desperate I might go there but I’d rather not.

So any recommendations on places? I was thinking maybe the Halal place on San Pablo near University in Berkeley.

Thanks in advance.

p.s. I’ve been away from food and restaurant blogs since Chowhound changed formats a few years back (same user name here). It was a good break, change food and eating habits, lost 30+ lbs.


I can usually find them at Lucky’s market in Vacaville. Often fresh leg and thigh, sometimes breast, occasionally wings, and rarely, the " last part over the fence".

Yeah, I know but it’s technically East Bay.

Apologies, since it’s not what you asked, but , I’m thinking if it costs the same, I might buy a whole turkey and cut it up. I use some of the dark meat for stock for gravy. The gravy is our favorite part.

Anybody know how long you can keep vacuum sealed turkey parts in a fridge?

This says “edible” for one week.


I usually dry brine for three days, then air dry for one.

And welcome ! :grin:

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Never thought about Lucky’s. I was there yesterday. Thanks.

Come to think about it, I’m sure other supermarkets have it, like Whole Foods, Sprouts.

p.s. I still have 4 lbs of cubed and frozen turkey breast from last year, vacuum sealed. I don’t want any more.

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And Safeway. The not-as-fancy places seem to have the legs, wings, and thighs.

Andronico’s on Shattuck and Cedar usually has them. I’ll be getting some thighs to braise for my solo Thanksgiving this year.

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Went to Sprouts in Oakland on Broadway today and got a 2 lb half breast and 2 legs. Probably will have too much but not 8 lbs too much. Now to figure out how to cook them, sous vide for the breast, oven for legs?

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I smoked the legs last time I got some. I “dry brined” the breast and roasted it last year.

Smoking the legs sounds good. Maybe I’ll BBQ the legs.

A Facebook friend says Foodsco I think in San Leandro has all kinds of turkey parts…

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I’m looking for tails. Has anyone seen tails?

picked a couple packs of turkey tails up in San Francisco at Foods Co. on Folsom St this weekend. come 5 or 6 to a pack. $2.49/lb. they are in one of the meat cases along with individually packaged turkey wings, necks, and legs.


@tedronson Thank you!