Where to get dried/fresh kaffir lime leaves? [Westchester NY]

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know where to get dried/fresh kaffir lime leaves?

I would like a nice quality so it brings authentic flavor.

Anything in the Westchester area is preferable.

In NYC, Bangkok Center on Mosca Street sells fresh kaffir lime. You may be able to order it–


I am racking my brain trying to remember where I got this ingredient because I do have it in my pantry. It may have been at the Asian market on Central Ave. I will try to remember.

Do you have a dried version in your pantry?

I have seen fresh ones recently, as in within two weeks, at H-Mart in Hartsdale and Yonkers.
If it is a long drive I would call to check to see if they have them in.

I tried calling and both H-Marts said they didn’t have them. They don’t have the best customer service.