Where to get a good Reuben Sandwich in NJ?

So they may, or may not, have been invented by Rueben Kulakofsky at the Blackstone hotel in Omaha, but where do you go in Jersey to get a good Rueben sandwich?

Lots of melty cheese, piles of corned beef, a whiff of 1000 island and a kiss of kraut, on delicious rye. It could be the world’s best sandwich.

My favorite so far is the Irish Rail in Manasquan.

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Kelly’s in Neptune


Competently dished up and then some by Richards and Frank’s. Kelly’s shining light has dimmed significantly (imho) based on size (Costanza shrinkage) and price escalation.

You could be correct it’s been years since I’ve had a Kelly’s rueben if it’s changed in the past 5+ years I wouldn’t know. It"use to be the go to place in the area.

Kelly’s offered a mini Rueben because the regular Rueben was so huge that no one could finish it. Maybe now they don’t have to offer the mini anymore :disappointed:

I rather go to their sister restaurant Clancy’s near Ocean Grove because of atmosphere. I can’t figure out why they serve Sushi on their menu.

Jake, there was a time when I would have wholeheartedly agreed with you. There’s been a drop off. Enough that it no longer is the go to locally. I’ll still order one should I be in there , but I’m not going there expressly for that.

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Wow that sucks, although good to know because I’ve had the itch for one and have been telling my wife we had to take a trip to Kelly’s soon. I got a decent one at Frankies in PP and that soothed the itch a bit, but I was really looking forward to Kelly’s. Not anymore!

The glory of corning ones own corned beef is that all these things are readily available. In fact, as near as the fridge. One night’s corned beef & cabbage becomes tomorrows Reuben, the next days corned beef hash etc., etc., etc… I only go out for things I don’t make & corned beef is an easy thing to make.

If I was going to go out for a reuben I’d go to Bragman’s Deli in Newark. But only for lunch - not dinner.

You get the prize for spelling Reuben correctly. I bet you also know it’s Russian dressing, not Thousand Island.

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Agreed, but I will say in my 20 years of living in the area there was never a time I was impressed with the reuben at Kelly’s. However, there is always something to be said for history, fun, and a good bloody mary…so I’ve had my fair share of them over the years. Long live Kelly’s and their middling-at-best Reuben!!

Matter of fact I do and at our house we make that too.

Sorry for any confusion, when I make “Thousand Island” at home apparently I actually make Russian dressing. Mayo, Ketchup, Sambal, Chopped Dill Pickle, Chopped Onion, a little horseradish, EVO and red wine vinegar.

I searched out a few recipes for Thousand Island on the web and these are all to sweet for me, I would never put that on a sandwich. For some reason, I always thought the two dressings were the same.

I also occasionally make the Reubens with a good dijon mustard and horseradish instead of dressing, which I have to say I almost like better.

Finally Mr Reuben always has to be slathered outside with a lot of buttah and grilled up in a pan with a sandwich press:

I inherited this from my grandfather who made it himself from a sheet of quarter inch stainless.

A traditional NY Reuben is also best accompanied by a Dr. Brown’s Black Cherry soda.

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Deli King in Clark and Harold’s in Edison.

Eh…putting this here because it includes a Reuben. Not the best one but fresh. The mozzarella is the star at Mazzellas in Mountainside. Also got an Eggplant, Prosciutto, Mozz with Pesto and Arugula and a Breaded Chicken with Vodka sauce and Mozz. Good fresh sandwiches.
The Proscuitto Bread was eaten rather quickly.