Where to find toasted barley shape aka farfel in the Bay Area?

I love farfel but it’s getting hard to find. It used to be carried in the “ethnic” section of most grocery stores, but I haven’t seen any for quite a while. I looked online, but I really don’t want to buy a case of twelve. Any thoughts? And no, I don’t want matzoh farfel. Thanks!

Oh, I miss farfel so much. Last time I was able to find it I was in Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh. And living Scotland makes it even impossible in ‘ethnic’ sections (although maybe I should check in with a Chabad house recently opened :slight_smile: )

Sorry, I’m not helping you. But I’m commiserating,

You can buy 3

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I’m from Squirrel Hill!

Have you called Europa Plus (Geary Blvd, SF) or Middle East Market (San Pablo Ave, Berkeley)?

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Good idea - I’ll do that!

In Oakland, there’s a kosher supermarket run by Israelis–they might have.

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