Where to find mesophilic starter culture in SF?

Does anyone know a source for mesophilic starter culture in SF proper (I’m near the Mission)? I found it on Amazon but would prefer to purchase from a local store if that is an option.

Sorry I don’t know where to find cultures locally. I have found some selection at beer and wine home “brew” stores.

As you’re probably aware, buttermilk is primarily a mesophilic, so any “raw buttermilk” culture might be just fine. Depends what you’re doing.

I get my cultures for cheesemaking from GetCulture.COM , which I find trustworthy and with lots of selection. Not feeling very trustworthy about Amazon these days, given the problems they have with comment fraud. YMMV.

Sorry, not in SF, and I haven’t checked if they have mesophilic cultures, but Preserved in Oakland’s Temescal neighborhood is focused on stocking fermentation supplies, cultured foods, and providing classes to culture foods. http://www.preservedgoods.com/

Thanks for the suggestions! Right now I’m just trying to make cream cheese. I would use buttermilk but I have a sensitivity to annatto and the only buttermilk I can ever find in my area contains it.


Then you want MM100 , Flora Danica, Aroma B. Standard Mesos, I think I have all of them, and if I was in SF, I’d lend you a little. Cultures are really annoying - they last between 6 months and 2 years, and it’s tough ( as a home-maker ) to run through an entire bag. I think FD tends to last the longest.

If you haven’t gone internet by now ( again, I like GetCulture.com - the cultures that arrive are still all very fresh ), I would suggest contacting SF cheese school.

While SF cheese school - http://thecheeseschool.com/ - doesn’t have resources lists on their website, they run classes in all of this stuff and their info line might well put you on the path.

Good luck.


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