Where to find great menudo in the Bay Area?

Question for the group- where do you find great menudo in the Bay Area? What do you like about the version you like?

Bonus points for options in the peninsula/ south bay!


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Not a menudo expert, but the place i get it from is La Palma (yes I know, this is my answer to many mexican food q, but the place is solid). Its available only on weekends.

The broth is really flavorful, and the tripe (not a tripe expert either) has a good consistency also. I often share this with our hispanic house cleaner, and she loves it too and says it super authentic


If you happen to get to the Sunday flea market at Laney College (parking lot) in Oakland, there is a large tented food stall that serves a superb menudo. I asked about its robust but squeaky clean flavor and was introduced to a rather ancient mamacita who makes it. She explained, through an interpreter, that she parboils the tripe and tosses the first cooking water and its “ugly flavors”, then starts anew with fresh cold water to season and finish cooking the menudo. Super tender, lovely flavor and killer broth. HUGE portions. I ask for a half serving and get just under a pint.


Last bowl I had was at Los Dos Compadres, https://goo.gl/maps/cqFNtHQgRZW8WHvMA

I’d go back for more!

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Very nice. Is parking at the flea market easy?

Excellent. Now I can get tofu (at Sogo Tofu a few doors down) and menudo on the same trip! Anything else recommended at Los Dos Compadres?

A close in spot will open up within a few minutes if you have a few minutes patience, or there is parking in the Bart lot, a long block away.

Okay. just home (yeh, we got there before 6am!) This is the stand that sells the good menudo. Aisle 3, north side.

Nice people, extensive menu, most made on site.


Was a solo meal, didn’t try anything else…