Where to find a rack like this?

I’ve been Googling my butt off trying to find a replacement for this aging sink rack. It’s a great size (10"x9") but is starting to rust a bit. Anyone with a reference to SoCal brick and mortar retail OR ANY online source will be thanked profusely.

Not quite the same pattern though similar size:


Sorry!!! Typo. The rack is 19" x 9", so that it can sit on TOP of the sink.

Is this for drying dishes? Can you sand off the rust and then spray paint it?

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That’s amazingly beautiful! And agree w/Gourmanda. Like you I’ve been in search of a great drip rack and no dice. There are places that will re-chrome oven racks. Check out the old appliance sites. I think one a lot of people use is in Salt Lake City.

Do you have IKEA there? Just a wild guess, but they do have a lot of metal racks for the kitchen. They sell by catalog too I think.

We use it mostly to dry our coffeemaker carafe, coffee grounds basket, and things that are metal but can’t go in the dishwasher. Refinishing may be an option but it’ll look like an overpainted metal rack and that will not likely pass the Architectural Digest is coming to photograph your kitchen test.

Last night I must have looked at 200 sink racks on line. :roll_eyes:

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We go right by one on the way to our son’s house but once we go in we have trouble finding our way out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Hopefully kitchen racks are near the checkouts so we won’t have to wander through the IKEA maze.

In the one here, you make a right through a hidden door right near the entrance and then you’re in the kitchen part. I skip everything else there except the Swedish delicacy area, but still, yeah, it’s ridiculously huge.

Consider re-plating w/ chrome instead of painting. All the stove repair forums discuss this, it’s a standard restoration process. Leonhardt Plating in Cincinnati is mentioned as a good shop. Also Salt Lake Chrome. Once done should last a long, long time. It’s worth it, it is beautiful.

$70 ??? Yikes !!!

As a temporary fix, a small ball of crumpled aluminum foil and water might remove the rust spots. I tried this method to revive a chrome shower rack I liked and did not want to replace right away. Though the rust will return, you may be able to get added life out of the rack.

I use a very small ball of foil–roughly the size of a couple peas. And as with all spot removal methods, you’d want to test in an inconspicuous area of the item.

Just ordered one of these from Amazon. Not exactly what we’d like but looks functional for what we need.