Where to eat the best Eggs Benedict and Florentine in Westchester, NY

Can anyone provide insight on what places are great for Eggs Benedict and/or Florentine?

This is a great question and I’m curious about the answers you receive. It’s hard to find good eggs benedict. Beehive is great for breakfast/brunch but their eggs benedict are terrible. I think a lot of places use a mix for the hollandaise sauce.

The Maryland Lump Crab and Lobster Cake Benedict at City Limits (http://www.citylimitsdiner.com) is consistently good. We’ve gotten it once or twice a year since City Limits has been open (I’m guessing 15 or so years) and we haven’t had a bad one yet.

My spouse claims to have had the world’s best Benedict at the Bluegrass Brunch at Daryl’s House (http://www.darylshouseclub.com). It’s obviously not local, but I’d be remiss not to mention it.

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How about in NYC?

All I Know is that cherche midi has a good one. Anywhere else?