Where to eat in Fresno

We’re going to be in Fresno over Thanksgiving. Any suggestions on where to eat - we have a vegetarian in the family so need to accommodate that. Apart from Chinese all other cuisines are of interest, perhaps not so much Mexican since we ahve good mexican locally but if there is a stellar choice would definitelyy consider.


If you are interested in Basque food served family style, Fresno and Bakersfield are the places to try it. It’s been decades since I ate at Santa Fe Basque near the old train station in Fresno which has since moved to a new location. There is also Shepherd’s Inn Basque. Vegetarian dishes might be limited.

James Fallows of The Atlantic has been flying around the U.S. in a small plane and writing about its smaller cities. Here’s a link to an article he wrote about Fresno in 2015:


Thank you - yes we had a memorable Basque meal in Bakersfield years ago - agree wasn’t very vegetarian friendly but we didnt have a vegetarian with us then. It’s a very fun experience. Thx for sharing hte James Fallows link - appreciate that


No specific recommendations (am asking family/friends) but should be some good Armenian restaurants in the area, along with the aforementioned Basque options. And some Hmong places, as well, though unsure if straight Hmong or with Thai/Vietnamese menus.

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Totally agree with the rec for the Hmong/Thai/Lao food. As far as I understand it, most places are Hmong owned since there is a large Hmong community in Fresno. Because the Hmong people come from several S.E. Asian nations (Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar & China, I think), you can find food types from all of them.
The food is fantastic. I especially love the soups, and there is a wider range of them than the standard Pho you find in the SF Bay Area. I’m also addicted to Hmong/Lao sausage, which has lots of chiles, garlic and other herbs/spices and a relatively coarse texture; I think it’s phenomenal.
I haven’t been down there for a while so don’t have a specific rec, but many of the soup places I used to go to were in the downtown/central area. I’d try any of them, but the Yelp recs seem pretty good.
The big caveat, unfortunately, is they might be tough for a vegetarian. It would be worth asking (seems like veggie requests must come up for them) but be forewarned.