Where to buy rolls in Raleigh for brats and pulled pork

I am wondering where you’ve found to buy large quantities of rolls for entertaining? I am not a Kaiser fan and potato rolls or King rolls are too sweet for brats.

Hey Demandy- Do you have a specific bun in mind? I can usually find what I need in the bun department at Weaver Street Market, but there’s no need for you to drive across the Triangle. Have you tried Kroger? They seem to cater to slightly different demographics than HT, Food Lion, & Lowes.

Thanks Tom - I ended up finding great slider sized rolls at Lowe’s foods. Their new bakery has lots of options, including mini kaisers. The slider and dinner rolls size were perfect for pulled pork but not for the brats, didn’t hold up well enough.

Harris Teeter is where I get them in Raleigh.

Marietta bread outlet has great prices!

I like the torta rolls in the deli at Kroger. They come in long and round form.