Where to buy Japanese milk bread?

Pre-covid, I’d been buying Japanese milk bread at the Andersen bakery in the Japan Center in San Francisco. Can you recommend other bakeries in SF or the East Bay where I can find it? Thanks.

Paris Baguette sells the Korean version, which IMO is pretty similar. They have locations all over the Bay Area, including the East Bay. I think 85°C (another chain) sells the Taiwanese version.


This may not be too helpful since they are in the same area as Andersen bakery, but Nijiya and I think also Super Mira in Japantown both have shokupan. I’ve also gotten a frozen loaf (https://www.sayweee.com/product/view/95935) online as part of an order from weee once.

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In terms of newer places selling it - I swore i saw it for sale at Stonemill Matcha but I can’t find it on their site:


And, Bread n’ Chu:

However, I haven’t tried shokupan at any of these places so I cannot vouch for them.




Berkeley Bowl West in the E. Baay started offering it recently as they were doing Sundo fruit sandwich popups using the bread.

You can order ahead for pickup:


oof, if you don’t end up finding a suitable store bought option you could always try making it yourself! It seems hard but mine turned out wonderful, I would 100% recommend it. Keep us posted! Gustavo Woltmann

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Yaoya-San on San Pablo in El Cerrito has it.


If you go this route, the popular Kindred milk bread recipe is too rich compared to what I’ve had in Osaka. It’s delicious, just not an everyday bread. You can even go the no knead route via Sullivan Street Bakery Cookbook, but the results with kneading are a bit better.

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Thank’s for the advice brother! God bless. I just used the first recipe to pop up on Youtube haha. I will definitely keep this in mind! Gustavo Woltmann

So what’s the verdict on the best version? haha