Where to buy goose (and parts of it) in Boston

A recent trip back to Germany reminded me how great goose tastes (and that it is easily available in supermarkets year round). I haven’t found goose in Boston - where do you buy goose in Boston (and as a bonus are there place which also offer just goose legs and livers) ?

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I’d try Savenors for something like that.

If you ask MF Dulock, Mike might be willing to get what you are looking for.

Wilson Farms has had them to order for holidays in the past.

RIP Fresh Pond Market. They would get exactly what you wanted.


Mayflower in Cambridge has frozen goose.


Savenor’s. Couple of Christmases ago I did two on the outdoor rotisserie. An advantage of doing it outside is you don’t make a mess of your oven with goose fat.


I saw some frozen at Market Basket in Somerville before Thanksgiving. I was surprised. Not sure they have them now. They were whole frozen. I agree with trying MF Dulock and Savenors. Savenors has a goose on their online Dec special order form

You might also try Formaggio in Cambridge and South End.

Wilson Farm has geese on their holiday special order. I doubt you will find goose parts.


I would also say Mayflower Poultry. They can get you just about any fowl or bird with special order. Really nice folks too.

I’ve seen these on occasion at the bigger Chinese supermarkets. Always frozen, like their whole ducks. I saw some at the Quincy C-Mart right before Thanksgiving.

I love roast goose when I’m in Hong Kong. Mmmm …

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Thanks everybody for the suggestions - I completely forgot Mayflower - they might be especially interesting as they could have goose not only during the holiday time but year-round.

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Mayflower sounds great to me.

And for those farther afield, I wonder if local butchers order goose as a holiday specialty. My “local” is Alpine Butcher on the Chelmsford/Lowell line and I was surprised to see goose as an option for holiday orders. Snippet below.


Both Lilac Hedge Farm and Stillman Quality Meats offer goose. These are local people - Lilac Hedge is in Berlin, MA while Stillman is in Hardwick, MA with a store in Worcester - who take orders and offer pick up at various locations. Currently both are at the Somerville Winter Farmers Market on Saturday at the Somerville Armory.

I have bought from each with delicious results. Most recent a boneless turkey breast that was by far the best turkey we have had in a long while.

Here are the websites : [https://lilachedgefarm.com] and https://www.stillmanqualitymeats.com


I’ve bought from both of these vendors previously, and they are each good quality.


Neglected to mention that Lilac Hedge person at last Saturday’s market said goose would be fresh not frozen if ordered for Christmas.
Becky - at Stillman table - was too busy to ask same question.


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