Where to buy fresh pierogies in the Bay Area?

Where can you buy fresh uncooked pierogies in the Bay Area? I’m too lazy to make them (not sure if I could), but I like eating them. Thanks!

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This thread will need some pics! I’m hungry for some now.

Any particular criteria for what you like, or filling types? I haven’t found a brand that’s uses butter in the dough, which is how I make them at home but not universal, so I stopped getting them.

The Eastern European bakeries in the Richmond district are your best bet. Royal Market has the widest selection I know of (I was there yesterday and saw a bunch) also New World Market close by. At both places, I cant recall if they’re Ukrainian vareniki rather than Polish pierogie, but that’s nomenclature rather than substance as far as I know.

Does frozen count?

Frozen is fine too - thanks.

Oh, the places I mentioned are all frozen.

Frozen is fine. I just want to buy ones to bring home to cook as opposed to eating them in a restaurant - thanks.

I recall seeing them in Crossroads on San Antonio in either Palo Alto or Mountain View. I think you are further north though, so I am not sure if this is of any help at all.

There are tons of markets that sell frozen pelmeni, such as the Russian grocery stores on Geary.

Do you have any recommendations based on personal experience?

Not really. My husband is the one who eats them. I would probably just choose the ones that look like they were made semi-locally by a small company.