Where to Buy Duck Liver? [San Francisco]

It’s a tragic tale: we bought a duck and roasted it, saved the liver and the duck fat, but neither of us got around to making pate until it was too late.

So this morning I did a limited and unsuccessful search for duck liver. Nothing at Cal-Mart; the guy there suggested New May Wah. The guy at New May Wah said “no more”, which could mean they’re temporarily out or it could mean they no longer carry it. Bryan’s didn’t have any duck at all that I could see, so I didn’t even ask. (Is it me, or is Bryan’s meat counter more limited than it used to be?)

So I’m crowd-sourcing the question. Anybody know of a reliable source for duck livers in San Francisco (preferably) or the greater Bay Area (if it comes to that)?

I don’t know, but I would check Falletti, Olivier’s Butchery, Lunardi’s in San Bruno, or Pape Meat in Millbrae.

Did they reinstate the ban in CA? I remember reading something about it, but cant remember which way it was going…

Thanks. Thought about Falletti’s, but will check the others as well.

The foie gras ban was reinstated. But it shouldn’t prevent the sale of plain (non-force-fed) duck liver, should it?