Where to buy chanterelles in South Bay or Peninsula?

Can anyone suggest good places to buy chanterelles at a (semi-) reasonable price?

Draeger’s usually carries them, but they’re borderline obscenely expensive.

Since they don’t last that long, reluctant to make a trip up to S.F. just for them, and I go there less than I used to, but if you’ve got discount places in the city that sell them, I’d be interested in hearing about that, too.


Define semi-reasonable price

Last year when I could find them at farmers market they were $25 or $30/lb. While nowhere near what you can get them for in France, that to me is reasonable.

As of a month ago, Draeger’s was offering them for $50.

This week they raised the price to $60.

Far West doesn’t have it this year? I haven’t looked at the price lately. But they are also not cheap.

Sigona’s in RWC tend to often have them around $25/30 /lb. (And in general a good selection of mushrooms for decent prices)


I asked and they said they’re not bringing them to the farmers market any more. Don’t know if it’s just a “this year” thing or permanent.

Oakmont in Cupertino has dried ones for $60/lb.

Thanks! I used to go to the Stanford one a lot, but haven’t been in a few years.

Does the RWC store generally have better selection, or is it pretty similar to the PA one?

I haven’t been myself to the PA as I live in RWC but was told by others that the one in RWC has an overall better selection

I’ve bought them at the Foster City and South San Francisco Costco. That was pre Covid though.

I was going to say sigonas rwc too.

I go to both, I am closer to palo alto but RWC has more selection, by far. I think you will undoubtedly find chantrells there but i don’t shop them much so don’t know the prices.

i don’t haunt all the farmers markets but there seem to be lots of mushroom specialists.

Not a costco peep.

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I was in RC Sigona’s last weekend, didn’t notice the mushroom prices but did see that cippolini onions were about 1/2 the price I usually pay at Draeger’s. They also had the best variety of apples I’ve seen anywhere by far.

Well, just went to the one in PA and they did in fact have chanterelles for $30/lb.

Thanks again, and my wife will be very grateful, too!