Where to buy baby octopus in the Peninsula/ South Bay?

Does anyone know where to buy baby octopus, ideally near Stanford? Whole Foods in Los Altos has larger octopus. Cooks in Menlo Park doesn’t carry it on a regular basis and requires special order.

I am trying to make a Sardinian octopus stew like La Ciccia’s. If baby octopus isn’t available, does larger octopus or calamari work well?


Give Asian markets a try. I have purchase them from 99Ranch before but the Japanese Markets maybe a better bet. In the south bay. They be in the freezer in boxes of a few pounds.

Great thank you! I will give them a try!

I’m not too familiar with Peninsula stores, but in addition to the frozen packages in Asian groceries, I frequently find them at the fish counter in larger Mexican supermarkets, for instance Mi Pueblo in Oakland.

Thanks for the tip.

I ended up finding a 2 lb box at 99 Ranch for $7.99. Indonesian baby octopus. Will give places like Mi Pueblo a try next time since it is closer to me.

Well Mi Pueblo has it unfrozen and you can buy what you need. Which goon and bad. You get what you need but how long has it been sitting on ice. When you buy in`the box you know it will be “fresh” when you defrost it.

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