Where to buy 36 bottles of wine (East Bay, SF or Sonoma)

I’m looking to purchase 36 bottles of wine with the following specifications for a big event coming up in a few weeks.

  1. About 18 bottles of red (probably Cabernet Sauvignon, but doesn’t have to be) and 18 bottles of white (probably Sauvignon Blanc, but doesn’t have to be).

  2. Ideally from Sonoma, but it could also be from elsewhere in California.

  3. Price per bottle is less than $10

  4. The wine is good

Unfortunately, I am not able to change any of these specifications. I’m wondering whether folks have wine shops they recommend, particularly in the East Bay, who might help guide me toward some nice wines that I don’t know about that fit my needs. Or if folks suggest going to bigger stores, like BevMo or Costco, given my requirements.

Any advice would be appreciated! Willing to travel to SF or North Bay (or Sonoma) for this, as well.


I don’t know if you can cross-post here but you may want to post also on the wine board.

K&L in SF or RWC, Costco … you may want to call K&L and see if they’ll do a case discount or something, the K&L folks love a challenge like this but $10 is just a very very low bar, hopefully, that’s the purpose of your event and not just because the wine budget got the shaft.


I could go up to $15 per bottle for the red wine.

I used to go to K&L a lot, and forgot about them. Will give them a call. Thanks!

Also, does not need to be Cabernet Sauvignon. Could be another varietal, or a blend.

Check out the Grocery Outlet. https://groceryoutlet.com/

Some of their stores have a much larger selection of wine than others. I’ve found really decent bottles of wine for under $10 at their Oakdale store which I realise is out of your area. The Petaluma store was no where near as extensive but still had quite a few under $10 last time I was there. Haven’t been to the SF location. It looks like they have several stores in the East Bay.

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Let us know how you made out.

I went to K&L Wines this weekend (SF SOMA), and had a positive experience. The woman who helped me was able to work within my parameters, and suggested several wines that she had personally tried. There was no judgement on her part about my price requirements, and she seemed genuinely excited by many choices. Ended up buying 6 wines to try (three whites, three reds). All were under $15, and 3/6 were under $10. All from CA (Sonoma, Napa or Central Coast).

We’ll be trying them and making final decisions about wine for our event in the upcoming weeks, so I’ll try to post again.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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