Where is the Montreal Board?

Was it removed completely?

Looks that way. We’re part of “world” now. There doesn’t seem to be enough interest/enough of us.

I guess this is a useful note.

For a while I thought there were only @lagatta and @MonsieurGhislain from Montreal so when I saw that there weren’t any posts about Montreal I lumped it with other regions.

But yes if there are a few folks interested in posting about Montreal and Quebec, let me know. Others who are interested in getting the board started, please add your name here. thanks.

You may say, well why not just start posting? Please do that too, but please comment your interest in this thread as well. The problem is that if interested user A post a review on the 1st. Interested User B sees the review on the 15th, doesn’t comment. Interested user C sees the review on the 30th, doesn’t comment. Users A, B, and C may all individually think that there is minimal interest in such a board.

But if users A, B, and C all express their interest in this thread and start talking around the same time, we can avoid the problem of ‘the illusion of lack of interest due to time lag in interested users coming onto the site.’

Well, I just did my part and posted the link to here. Also sent a couple of emails. They’re all bitching that it’s so quiet on the CH Montreal board.

Our city is in an interesting place, financially and culturally. Restaurants come and go like crazy. We do get a LOT of tourists looking for recommendations, something I haven’t seen much of here in general.

Hello everybody,

Came here after hearing about it from C70.

I guess its a bit like the field of dreams. Build it and they will come!

I recommend a regional forum for the Atlantic region, Quebec, Ontario, the prairies and BC. Quebec, Ontario and BC have a lot of foodies and the prairies and the atlantic region are unique enough to warrant their own board. There might not be a ton of people right now but there will never be any if there are no structures to welcome them!

I’m still posting on chowhound but there has been a big loss volume since the change. I’ll be roaming here and participating if I have something interesting to say! I tend to be a lurker until I decide to post needlessly long posts about random subjects :stuck_out_tongue:

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YAY! You seem like the type that might participate in other forums too. Nice to see you here.

[quote=“C70, post:2, topic:2285, full:true”]
Looks that way. We’re part of “world” now. There doesn’t seem to be enough interest/enough of us.
[/quote]The Montreal board is back as part of the Québec, Atlantic Canada category!

I hear you about Atlantic Canada as its own region. Its been pretty slow for Canada as a whole, so let’s get Montreal going first.