Where is and what happened to Jacky Yu - Hong Kong / Singapore

I had eaten in Xi Yan in Wan Chai, Hong Kong some years ago by chef Jacky Yu. This year I would like to go back for another meal, to my surprised in the open rice website, it is marked closed. Since I didn’t have my computer with me at that time, and his website was in Flash, I didn’t bother to look up for him anymore and replaced with other meals. Now that I have returned home, I looked at his site, he didn’t say anything and there were still his addresses. His Facebook disappeared. Some Google cache said he closed his restaurants in mi-July, 2016.

Does it mean that he is retreating to Singapore? Anybody from Singapore can confirm this?

I don’t know how the locals in HK thinks about him, but he is a pretty high profile chef, even Phaidon has a book by him. It is such a shock that he is abandoning Hong Kong though.

Owe people too much money and have to run to Singapore? :wink: Well I guess it doesn’t quite work with him being high profile enough in SG.

@klyeoh Do you know about this chef or the restaurant, since you are familiar with the Singapore food scene…

Jacky Yu of Xi Yan restaurants in Singapore? He’s still around. Maybe he found HK’s culinary scene over-saturated or too competitive?