Where Illegal Foods Go To Die

Saw this today and thought it was interesting…

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I can understand the produce, we have an apple maggot quarantine where you’re not supposed to transport homegrown tree fruit to protect our huge WA Apple industry.

But the beef candy and cured meats in the video? I don’t see how they could hurt agriculture. I’ll admit I’ve smuggled a mangosteen or two and some dried meat.

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Serreno ham in a sous-vide? Serious? I’m sure off camera, they would be taking them home…


Enjoyed the video.

The food didn’t do anything. It is not a crime to be alive.

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I was in Spain and trying to figure out a way to smuggle in jamon iberico de bellota. I have no idea what harm some poor vacuum packed bags of delicious ham could do, but I decided not to after reading about some poor fool who lost a few thousand bucks worth of it.

I walked right through customs with zucchini seeds from Italy and bay leaves I picked from a ancient tree in Rome near the Arch of Triumph . Best zucchini I have ever grown and the bay leaves I used in my beans you could taste the history . They were in my front shirt pocket . I’ll take that serrano ham and that salumi any day .

When I lived in Bhutan several years ago, poultry imports were frequently banned due to bird flu. We’d get specialty ingredients flown up from Bangkok, and the head chef was totally heartbroken when Bhutanese customs threw his foie gras in the incinerator.

They also held a care package of mine because my mom had listed sunflower seeds on the customs declaration. I had to go and open the package to show them they were roasted and salted and not viable for planting. Reasonable caution, but funny at the time.

They got canines sniffing around. Better package it up real good without a hint of scent.

A friend of mine got her meat product ‘discovered’ by the dogs.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2