Where do you sharpen your kitchen utensils in West/Fair?

Do you have your own sharpeners at home, or do you use a service. Where?

I sharpen at home using diamond stones and/or water stones, usually 2-3 times a year. I use a steel before every use to straighten the edge. Never use a machine on my knives, Ever.

Every so often they have knife sharpening at the pleasantville farmers market.

I wonder if it is the same guy I ran into at the White Plains Farmers Market this past Wednesday. He goes by the name of: Jack ‘Knife’ Martin Sharpening service. He had his machinery on the spot, and he said he does commercial and residential pick up and delivery…

I think Sur La Table has a knife sharpening service

A few years ago, I wrote a story about knife sharpening in FFC., featuring top chefs and an ace sharpener who appears at the Westport Farmers Market self-dubbed as “Nick The Knife.” He’s not only a major character, but a real craftsman. Here’s a link to the piece and his profile.


Jonathan, is that sharpening process hard to do? Where do you get the materials?

Sharpening isn’t difficult, and I find it meditative. There are lots of videos online.


I buy my diamond sharpeners on Amazon, haven’t had to buy any whetstones in years since for the average person a set will last a lifetime. When buying a whetstone, use water, not oil. Cleaner and easier.

Coarse/Fine diamond sharpener (I use these more like a file than a whetstone. Run the sharpener over the knife, as opposed to a whetstone where you run the knife over the stone.)