Where do you belong?

A clever illustration from today’s NY Times. Frankly, my favorite, summer cool-down treat is a rocks glass filled to the brim with amber rum, some ice, and a wedge of lime. Nevertheless, given the choices at hand, I guess I’ve gotta cop to being an “Ice Creamer.”

Team gelato, hazelnut division. And in the beverage department, michelada or gin & lemonade.

I’m squarely in the Ice Creamers corral.

My new favourite thing to cool down is something I had im Goa recently. It’s lime juice topped up with soda water. Then in that goes lots of ice crushed with fresh ginger. So zingy and refreshing.


Team anything but froyo.


I like both ice cream and gelato. It really depends on location–near my home are two excellent dairies that make their own very good ice cream. In a nearby town or in Philly, I tend to be gelato-based.

Today I made the first absolut blue lemonade (vodka, curacao and lemonade). Not coincidentally, yesterday I made my first pitcher of lemonade of the season.

G&T popsicles. Because you can have your booze midday, but pretend it’s just a popsicle :smiley:

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Don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I wanna get a pair of those shorts anytime soon.

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I like ice cream as well, but if I also get to smoke cigarettes again I definitely would be Team Gelato. Sitting on the beach in the summer is when I miss smoking most.

Ha! 40 or 50 years ago, they were a Babe Magnet…

Ditto. Although to be honest, I would probably choose sorbet over ice cream or gelato in the heat of summer.

I’d reach for a cold Hamm’s to cool down for my first choice . This is about ice cream so it would be Talenti double chocolate gelato or a Klondike bar .

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I am an Italian Ice or Frozen Custard gal myself… neither of which was an option (not surprised as the article was written by a Canadian :stuck_out_tongue:) … and those short shorts - why was it they were mostly worn by the most heavy set men who always happen to sit on their stoops, legs wide open??? :scream:

I resemble that remark!

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I was going to add “not that there’s anything wrong with that”


50 years ago. {{sigh}}

I still don’t know where I belong. Thanks for the midlife crisis!

Gelato when in Italy or at my childhood favorite gelato shop in Pike Place Market (Procopio), sorbet when its too hot for anything else, frozen yogurt when I’m pretending to be healthy, and ice cream if its on sale or I know someone who made it (or if I made it in a professional setting and am enjoying the last bit of just churned custard in the machine). Paletas/pops and granita have their moments too. Though I just bought some Talenti gelato because that was what was on sale in the freezer case today… Coconut. It is good :slight_smile:


Like an excuse is needed to buy that magical stuff.


LOL - although I was a toddler 50 years ago, those were the days!

…and don’t sigh - my grandfather always said that age is like mind over matter - if you don’t mind - it doesn’t matter - and I don’t!

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Of course not although I do have one anyway - those jars are so usefully reuseable.

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