Where do we stand on Emoticons/Emojis?

Annoying? Helpful? Childish?

I find overuse a little annoying, but sometimes one can really help convey the feeling behind the post. Thoughts?


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I kinda’ like them. Since I can’t sense a poster’s tone of voice, I find them helpful.



Iz heart them.

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:+1: I like them, as long as they aren’t used to excess.

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Like meat, high heels and Facebook, emoticons are not for me. But they’re fine for other people. No judgments.

In person facial expression and tone can convey as much as the words spoken. A thoughtfully used emoticon can help written words be understood in the spirit you intended.


Pretty much sums up how I feel too - though, to be clear, I’d spend a day in high heels posting emojis on Facebook before I’d give up meat.

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