Where can I find pork jowl in the Peninsula/ South Bay?

I have been looking for pork jowl everywhere in the Peninsula / South Bay to no avail. Any tips for where I can locate this elusive pig part? The uncooked, unsmoked part, not guanciale.

So far, I have called: Dittmers (they have it but use them for their own smoking), Piazza’s (no), Ranch 99 Mountain View (no), Hmart Cupertino (no), Whole Foods PA (no).

I see them available on Weee. But I want to find them locally if possible.


Have you tried Nijiya? I’ve gotten it before at the SF Nijiya.

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Thanks. I just called the Mt View Nijiya up and the lady said they may not have it. :man_shrugging:

Since Weee delivers Latino and Asian groceries, checking a Latin or Asian brick and mortar store might work. I don’t know any small butchers in the South Bay but Chavez Market? A local carniceria? Use to be some Chinese markets on Castro in MV that would/might have had it…but haven’t been around there for a long time. Marina Market? I don’t recall if they brought in a hog and butchered it like in Chinatown where you can get it.

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Try 168 Market and H-Mart (I have seen them at both places but would give them a call beforehand)
Eataly has also sometimes more unusual cuts and might be worth a call

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Lol I called Marina like 10 times and they just don’t pick up. I will take a look at the carnicerias as well. Thanks.

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We used to place a standing order with the butcher at the Marina San Mateo store. They only break down a few pigs per day, takes a few days to gather enough to make the drive worthwhile from SF. A few years ago, they were charging only ~ $3.50 per lb. I think they are a bit more expensive now.

Hankook supermarket in Sunnyvale seems to have it regularly. Expensive though, ~ $9.95/lb. But beautifully trimmed.

We get deliveries from Weee! every few weeks. Prices are good for certain items, and the quality is surprisingly good.

Pork Jowl, Frozen 2 lb, $7.99/lb

If you happen to be in SF some time, the shop on the corner of Jackson and Stockton (across from Orange Land) has jowls most of the time. Well trimmed, also about $8/lb.


C&H Meat

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H Mart in southern SF had it when I was last there a year ago…

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