Where can I find cheese curds in Monmouth County?


I just returned from Montreal and I am completely hooked on poutine. Short of having to learn to make cheese curds myself (or making monthly trips to Hobby’s in Newark, does anyone know where in Monmouth County I might find cheese curds?


So we don’t get any good Montreal reviews or pics Donna? :smile:

I’m sorry that I can’t answer your question, but I’d love to hear about your trip. I’m a big fan of Montreal! I need to get back soon.

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Good question. Any restaurant around here that serves Poutine always seems to use just regular melted cheese instead of curds (glorified disco fries). But of course that is NOT Poutine unless the curds are there.


Didn’t take many photos (I know, I’m bad). Mostly stayed at the Chateau Vaudreuil about 20 minutes west of Montreal since I was there to set up a meeting for July. https://www.chateau-vaudreuil.com/ I will say that their restaurant makes an incredible risotto with truffle oil (real truffle oil…not the olive oil stuff.) Had Poutine at Smoke Meat Pete (oh boy…I could eat there every day.) https://www.cantbeatpetesmeat.com/ And a delightful dinner in downtown Montreal at Auberge St Gabriel where I had a delightful salad of warm beets, goat cheese and greens. For dinner, “airplane” chicken stuffed with mushrooms and gremolata, with pureed parsnips, baby rainbow carrots and broccoli. And for dessert a vanilla icecream/raspberry sorbet treat sprinkled with crumpled meringue.

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I found some locally at the Whole Foods in Middletown


oh yippee. I will try there. Thank you.


While I don’t necessarily recommend them, you can get fried cheese curds at Buffalo Wild Wings. Also in the fried variety is a food truck that hits many local spots - The Cow and The Curd - their stuff is pretty good.


Wegmans (at the least the one in Manalapan) carried several different varieties of NY State’s Yancey’s Fancy brand curds last I looked.

A bit further west but in Somerset County, the “Princeton” (actually located in Franklin Twp.) “Penn. Dutch Farmers Market” on Rt 27 has a dairy/cheese vendor who also carries cheese curds.


Thanks Jess. I’ll try both Whole Foods (as suggested earlier) and Wegmans.


I strongly recommend that you don’t use Instacart. I have received nothing but horrible service from them. Usually at least 1/3 of my items are out of stock. Last week, the order was 2 hours late and no acknowledgement of the lateness. Today, after all the text messages of approving replacements, the order is marked as complete but the order never arrived. Customer service could not reach the shopper. My dinner is ruined. They offered me a $10 credit ON MY NEXT ORDER! I explained that giving me incentive to spend more money with Instacart is not customer service. I waited on hold for over 15 minutes for each of the two supervisors I asked to speak with. There is no love for us there. I highly recommend that you use another shopping service instead.

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Oh geez, sorry. I hope you didn’t think that my putting the link here was a recommendation, it was just a quick way to show the product that was in my local Whole Foods.

Sorry for your dinner.

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The pierogi guy there is outstanding. They make like 3,000 pierogis a week.


No worries. I’m fine with you putting the link there. I just wanted my HO mates to be aware of the constant frustrations with Instacart. This was the final straw. I really tried to like it because it has the potential to simplify our lives. More time in the land of wine and cheese!

The story got worse. My replacement order arrived over 2 hours late. The shopper texted from her car that she was outside. She waited in her car for us to retrieve our own groceries. She had her baby in the car. I feel badly for a young mom trying to earn a living. But the shopper is supposed to wait while you unpack and approve the order, refunding for any incorrect items.


In case anyone else is interested, I finally found cheese curds (in three different flavors) at Wegman’s in Ocean Township. Poutine for dinner tonight along with Chicken Shawarma. I guess you’d call that Fusion Cuisine. :wink: