Where are you getting your holiday tamales?

Do tell.

I’m heading over to Tamales Mi Molito.


Hi @ipsedixit,

Nice! Are both the green and red tamales good (pork & chicken)? Thanks.


It’ll be my first time!

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Because of you, I’ve been a mainstay customer at Sandra’s Tamales in East LA…- stone’s throw away from the Citadel.

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Their Elote Tamales are the best.


My “usual” tamales are from Me Gusta (http://www.megustagourmettamales.com) in Pacoima (I only get the queso con rajas). Don’t pair it w/ a strong salsa b/c it totally overwhelms the tamale. You can also find them at least some Farmer’s Markets.

Let us know how you like Tamales Mi Molito!


Current favorite is La Moscota in Boyle Heights. I am a chile cheese tamale person and theirs is quite tasty.

Also, does anyone griddle their tamales? My coworker told me about this and it blew my mind.


Angry Egret Dinette

$35 a dozen. Choose from cheese, beef or duck. Taking pre-orders now.

I have never heard of this. Please explain. :slight_smile:

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Well, it’s usually made of metal, and …

[ducking and running for cover] :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Basically throw your already heated through tamale in a frying pan or griddle with some oil/lard and make the outside crispy.

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I remember I had a deep fried tamale once.

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Somehow I feel like deep-fried tamales could be getting too close to the old Japanese concept of Nagato

(Not As Good As The Original)

But maybe I’m wrong, I never tried it.

Also now offering Spinach & Cheese. I wish there was an edit function to amend my Angry Egret Dinette post.


Chichen Itza has a crispy deep fried one where you dip it in a nice sauce. But I just never thought after all those years of just eating and reheating them to crisp the outside.

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I quite enjoyed Tamales Mi Molito. It’s a small family operation. The tamales were pipping hot when I picked up, and I was close enough to Burritos La Palma and the El Toro Market that I stopped for birria and chips/salsa.
The tamales are very good. The masa is light, fluffy and well-seasoned. The chile verde chicken filling was my favorite. It packed just the right amount of punch. The roja pork was also good. I’m sad I didn’t order more. They’re taking a break for New Year’s this coming week, but will be back January 2nd. Available only on Saturdays and by DM on IG. Keep an eye out on their IG account for updates.


Thanks for the report! I haven’t had any tamales (not time) yet this holiday season so I think I’ll check them out next year.

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Hi @attran99,

Nice report, thanks! :slight_smile: @ipsedixit did you like your Tamales order as well? :slight_smile:

It was too late to order from them for us so I’ll will try in the New Year. :slight_smile:

We have too much food. Still haven’t tried them yet.

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