Where are the gems hiding in the Triangle?

Many years ago, I visited the Raleigh Flea Market Mall at Raleigh Flea Market “Mall” at 1924 Capital Boulevard.and found a couple of good taco stands. I would never have thought to look there, but it makes all the sense in the world to me now. In the N&O Greg Cox reviewed East Coast Asian Bistro which started inside a Kroger. My wife loved the Mexican restaurant inside the Amoco station on Capital in Raleigh. To qualify as a hidden gem the place must be inside another business. What have you got?

I thought of another one! Taylor’s Wine Shop at Six Forks and 540 is a gas station in Raleigh. Weekday mornings they sell house made biscuits.

Here’s another one: El Mandado, an international grocery store in Raleigh, has a taco stand inside it. I haven’t been there in years, because I now live in Carrboro, but Yelp says it’s still going strong. They had a neon green salsa that was really good.

Does Butcher’s Market count? They make really good sandwiches inside this butcher shop and market.

Where is that? What have you enjoyed from them?

The one I’ve been to is at Milbrook Rd and Falls of Neuse, but there is another one in Cary. I have really enjoyed the turkey and fig spread sandwich on ciabatta, the 2 gyro special, the short rib burger (amazing!) and the Korean pork sandwich. The Italian was also good. They all come with a bag of chips, a small dip of the day on the side and some crackers for about $8. They have great iced tea also. The meats are all in-house meats.

Is this the new incarnation of The Meat House? Can’t picture anything else in that area…


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