Where are all the blueberries? (NYCT)

It’s been tough finding blueberries lately. Domestic or imported, they are usually pretty abundant. Finally found some at Stew Leonard’s selling for a whopping $7.99 per half container. What is happening?

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Probably between seasons. South America may be finished and it’ll be a few months before the central and N American crops are in.

The FL harvest is just coming to peak. Dont know why you wouldnt be getting any.

Today in Shoprite…I must have looked like a crazy person staring a bit too long at the sign

Please tell me that’s a typo.

Just had a fantastic meal at Caci Southold (Long Island) last night; they only use super local everything. I got Crescent Duck with Blueberry Compote, so there must be some growing around here somewhere!

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It seems to be a supersized (over 1 pound) package. Sounds sort of reasonable.

Thanks for this conversation. Prices still seem high, though. Our local Rancho Grande Market in New Rochelle had a half container for $5.99 the other day, and they are usually the cheapest…

$11.55 lb is excessive IMO

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Today at Fresh market in Scarsdale, on sale 6 oz
3 for $10 (save $4.98)

Still 3/$10 at Publix in FL too. Price should srop be half before too long.

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Are they dipped in gold?

Good on you, Gwenn, for being able to go there. You couldn’t pay me to park and shop there.

Hubby has the patience, bless his heart.

I still miss Terrytoons, the original tenant of that building.

Yesterday, at Dean & Deluca on the upper east side, Manhattan, domestic organic blueberries were priced at $5. for a half-container and $4. per half container from Mexico…and this store should be the priciest.

Yes…Prices have begun to come down

I’ve just started to see U-pick ads here locally – means the pricing should be dropping pretty quickly!

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