When the melon is bland/not sweet

A tip, for those not averse to stuff like Crystal Light. Squeeze a little bit of one of those liquid “water enhancers” - they come in many brands, like Crystal Light, Mio, etc - over your slice and quickly spread it around with a fingertip. Let it sit for a few minutes, for the flavoring to disperse through the fruit. For example: strawberry-watermelon on a slice of watermelon, mint mojito on honeydew, pina colada on canteloupe.

I turn less than ideal melons into agua fresca- add lots of lime juice and sweeten to taste and blend. Seeve really cold. I did a watermelon for rhe man yesterday.

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Interesting concept, I myself would have never thought to try such a thing, but for those really can’t stand bland or tasteless fruit I guess this is a viable solution.

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Yeah, I’d rather go another direction, like the salt/sugar/chili/lime combo popular on fruit in many tropical areas, or simply wrap it in prosciutto. Mmmmm, prosciutto!

I do something really similar. Sprinkle on sugar and squeeze some lime or lemon juice on top.

I had balsamic vinegar, or Porto, helps to enhance the sweet side.

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