When places never open... Lower Westchester, NY

Lately I’ve seen a few restaurants/food shops that start their renovations, and then never open. Six months, a year later, the windows are still covered and no sign of any additional work. Two that come to mind are the Greek place at Four Corners in Hartsdale, I think it’s called Gyro Kitchen? (Hartsdale Ave and Central Ave). The other is the Banh Mi place on Mammaroneck Ave in White Plains, next to Lazy Boy Saloon.

Permit problems? Ran out of cash? Any info or thoughts?

FWIW, it’s not just New York or Connecticut. I see it here in New Jersey. One favorite Chinese restaurant has been in that state for a couple of years now! The same for “Coming Soon!” Middle Eastern restaurant in the area here (Central NJ).

One or two towns might indicate permit problems. But I suspect there’s a more basic problem here in that the economy has recovered, but not as much as restauranteurs might think when they start planning.

Still waiting for DeCecco’s in Katonah, NY. It was supposed to open this fall.

I see it in my area too, and always joke it’s a money laundering scheme, or tax sanctuary. How people can be closed that long, $$$ tied up in renos, monthly rent and utils piling up and not be able to ring the register. Either a money dodge or folks planned extremely poorly

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Have not really seen this scenario in SW CT. The longevity is getting shorter after opening, some should never have opened, but they always throw open the door and serve. Free Market theory then decides winners and losers.

I think that the gyro place at the four corners is to open soon- but if they ever open I would bet they close soon afterwards - that has to be one of the worst locations imaginable- very little parking, extremely difficult area to navigate by foot and not even an area where one can safely double park for a few minutes for a quick pick-up

The Gyro place opens this week. I happened to drive by last Friday and I saw the door open and smelled meat grilling. They were finalizing their recipes when I stopped by. I had a sample of their pork. Good spicing and char.

They are finally open! You can see the menu at gyrokitchen.com. They offer delivery and curbside pickup which should solve the parking problem. When I drove by yesterday the front looked like a take-out place with aluminum containers stacked up. Couldn’t see the back, so don’t know if there are tables to sit at. Will probably order from them soon and report back on the food.

I stopped by on Friday and got their Beef/Lamb Gyro on a pita, with tomatoes and onions and tzatziki. The beef/lamb gyro meat was under spiced and dry. The tzatziki was a very nice, super sour cream, but not enough cucumber or garlic. Also the guy who wrapped up the sandwich didn’t know how to wrap in a “cone” like many places do, so it was a compressed mess to eat.

I’ll let them know when I stop by next. They seem like ok guys, and willing to bend over backward to please, and looking for feedback.

They have a back room with lots of large tables, no table service. Place an order, then pick it up yourself. Which is fine by me.

My family and I stopped by Gyro kitchen on Friday. We ordered lamb and beef gyro’s they were so good! Tzatziki sauce was on point. Made with real Greek yogurt. I’m Greek so I can tell the difference. My son ordered a chicken soup which he absolutely loved and he is a super picky eater. We will definitely will be back again. Finally, an authentic Greek gyro place in the area.

I am always very leery of someone who joins a forum and immediately writes a good review of a place. A person who is totally unproven as to their reliability, or even if they are a shill.

Since I am a chef, and have consulted to hundreds of food businesses, I find that you say how on point the restaurant was, on the same day I was there and felt different, very strange.

I decided to join the forum and comment when I googled the restaurant and disagreed with your review. Just because I had a different experience. Anyway, everyone has different experiences and different opinions.

Very true, everyone has different experiences and opinions. What I question is that you have a different opinion, based on that you are “Greek”, but have no online provenance backing your statement. While I have almost 20 years online, between here, and chowhound, backing mine.

Being “Greek” means little, it’s like when I go into some of the worst dives in Chinatown, packed with Chinese, and that means nothing, the place is still terrible.

One thing that all people who are part of an online community see all the time, is when someone new joins a forum and has a dissenting opinion. This is usually a shill, 99% of the time.

I have had two visits to this place, once before they were open, and told them my thoughts, which they agreed with, and found the food needed work both times. But they are new, and I will give them educated and informed feedback, and will see how they do.

I had an order delivered yesterday of their Beef/Lamb Gyro platter and a side of falafel and a stick of pork souvlaki. Agree with JMF that the gyro meat was dry, as was the pork souvlaki. The falafel was nice and spicy but was somewhat under done inside. I had lemon potatoes with my platter and they were good even though I would have preferred more char on them. They were not under cooked, just too light in color. Also came with pita bread. I would have liked some tomatoes and onion with the platter. I agree that the tzatziki was nice and fresh and I was satisfied with the crunch from the cucumber and the amount of garlic in it. Portion was enough for two.

I must say that does not look too good! No offense meant to your picture taking ability. The food does not look good at all!!

Yes, the platters could have used some garnishes to improve the visuals. The meat was a tad dry otherwise tasted better than it looked. The falafel and pork souvlaki in the platter on the right did not come that way. I put them in the foil bowl to take the picture. I do intend to try them again and order other items on the menu.

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Well the Banh Mi Shop on Mammaroneck Ave in White Plains is getting closer to opening. It’s only been around 15-17 months. They now have their custom awning up, and a sign in the window saying “Opening Soon.” I was driving by so couldn’t see any more info.

Some have been waiting for Augie’s to open their new location in Larchmont. What happened?