When given a choice, do you enjoy eating out alone?

I am just curious. Most people like to grab friends and relatives to eat out, not just for food, but also for conversations and sharing idea. Most people also eat out when they are traveling or renovating kitchen…etc – basically they don’t have a choice.

However, if you have an accessible working kitchen, would you find eating out by yourself to be enjoyable?

I would. Not that I don’t enjoy companion. I do, and most of time I do enjoy eating with others, but sometime I do like eating alone. I get to pick any restaurant I like and order any food I want.

I don’t mind eating alone when I travel for business . . . I usually have enough reading material and sit at the bar.

At home I’ll eat with mom or dine with friends. I like to talk . . . and listen.

Well, those are the best kind of friends (the talking and listening part of the equation is key). :relaxed:

I prefer company–sharing is more fun. Funny enough, even when I’m alone, sometimes people offer to share with me. Kinda nice. And barring that, I usually seem to find someone to talk to, even if I’m alone and wasn’t looking. It’s those pleasant surprises you find when you least expect them.


That does happen some time. One thing I really like about eating alone is the waiters and waitresses and even the owner feel more comfortable to come around and chit chat with me. I guess they don’t feel like they are interrupting sometime. (or maybe I am more handsome than I realize)

Seriously, maybe because I eat out alone more than others. I tend to get to know the restaurant staffs much quicker than others. I would go to a place 10 times and I would know half of the staffs by names, and my friends can go there more often than me and not know anyone.

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I really don’t mind it . On the other hand I really enjoy travelling solo to my favorite pub . I receive so much information rather than having someone in tow from the new people I meet . Such a fishing spots and love life .

Rarely. I’ve eaten by myself for so many years when traveling for work that I just don’t choose to do it.

It wasn’t possible for me to eat at the bar – I could be engaged in a book and my dinner, and some Neanderthal would decide that I was surely just sitting there waiting for a man, because I couldn’t possibly be sitting there alone by choice – I finally gave up even having a glass of wine in a bar (even the hotel bar).

So I ended up using a combination of delivery and takeout, usually in the breakfast room (because I hate eating in my room) and only drinking if I had customers or vendors with me for dinner.

Maybe the guys are just being friendly. When I eat out alone, and when waitresses come by to have long conversations with me, I never thought they were hitting on me. :heart_eyes:

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I might be wrong here, but “do you wanna fuck” didn’t really strike me as friendly conversation.

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It just depends upon my mood. There are times I prefer to eat alone. Other times I prefer company.

One of the pluses of aging is the neanderthals have lost interest :wink: But I generally find pleasant conversation at the bar and often offers to share food at small plates establishments.

The down side of solo dining is less shared plates and unable to order wine by the bottle.


yes i do

I have no problem taking myself out to eat. When I was self-employed and traveling, I did it all the time – it was far better than ordering room service and having the room retain the odor of whatever I had ordered. These days, it’s not like I announce to my husband that I’m going out to dinner alone and he’s free to fend for himself, but when he’s out of town I often dine out, sometimes with friends, sometimes by myself.

I eat lunch alone frequently. I work at a two person company and when my buddy is otherwise engaged, I get to be more adventurous.

I take in my Kindle and read and have dumplings, or BBQ, or puffy tacos, or kubideh, or Thai curries, etc., etc., etc.

Places and things he would rather avoid.

I have no issue going out alone if I’m traveling or if DH is out of town. I really only go to places I’m familiar with and/or that I know have a bar where I can sit, read, chat with the bartender or patrons. I have never sat in a restaurant dining room alone and am not sure I would be comfortable doing that.

jfood used (or uses) a great technique when he’s on an airplane and someone wants to chat him up. IIRC he puts his finger on the spot in his book, looks up and in perfect unaccented English says “Sorry I don’t speak English.”

Absolutely. I prefer to eat alone. Eating with someone is an intimate thing.

It irks me so how fast someone eats (when eating with me) and just digs right in without taking a moment to appreciate the food and beer/wine before them. Plus, talking non stop during the meal is a big irritation.

I guess only (extreme) introverts and/or slow eaters know what I’m talking about.

I just went to Vietnamese restaurant last night. It is a sort of hole in the wall place with a tiny door and a small window. Inside is quiet nice and large. It is a very well established restaurant which built its reputation by words of mouths.

Anyway, I ordered the “Bun Dac Biet special combo” (b.b.q. pork, grilled pork, grilled pork balls, minced shrimp & spring rolls on vermicelli), and didn’t know all the chopped vegetables are at the bottom of the bowl, and was about to start eating. The waiter reluctantly stepped forward and told me to “mix”, and I asked “Mix?”. He smiled and use his hands to gesture me to mix the ingredient thoroughly. I thanked him and started mixing and saw all the vegetables. Then, he said “There is hot sauce on the table if you want to spice it up”. Then we chatted about how busy the business is today and the bar is more busy tonight than regular days…etc.

Anyway, my point is that one of the things I love the most about eating out alone is that the waiters, waitresses, managers and sometime even the chefs feel a lot more comfortable to talk to me. When I am with a companion, most of the time, the restaurant staffs do rarely talk to me.


Or: “How much do you charge?”

I love going to cafés when in other cities, but don’t especially enjoy eating alone, except in places where many working people are eating alone, usually for lunch. There are surprisingly good cafeterias in some countries (Rick Steeves site had a post about this many years ago).

I do very much like to have a room with a kitchen or a rental studio if possible. I love to explore markets, supermarkets, good takeaway, and cook a bit, eating alone sometimes. Most of the places where I travel, three are colleagues or friends, so I’m not always alone, and if I’m working at conferences or seminars, also have the opportunity to meet new people.

In sit down restaurants at a table no, not really. If possible i would prefer a place with a bar, dining counter or other casual arrangement. No problem going on a solo quest for some good banh mi or bbq but sitting alone at a 2 top always feels a bit odd and lonely.

HA! I did a banh mi quest across Connecticut last year. :slight_smile: FUN! Thanks for reminding me to grab my notes from elsewhere.

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I worked for a company that sent me to Tampa, Fl a few times a year. I went to school in St Pete…my parents live there. Just a short ride over the bridge…

Sometimes I didnt mention to anyone I was there…I just wanted to go to Berns all by mysel( lunch is a good deal) entree side and app for $25) f, then hit a good cuban sndwich place ( there are many but columbia is wonderful) buy a few to take back to the room :wink:

So, yeah, I do enjoy eating out alone.

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