When caterers use crap

Theres a new caterer in my kitchen, whose website is all about local and organic blah blah blah. Yesterday they received their Costco delivery of cases of ghirardeli brownie mix. Now I instantly don’t trust them. Wouldn’t you expect the brownies at your catered event to be made from scratch? Wouldn’t you expect people who claim to be local and organic to not use crap mix out of a box? I just don’t get it, brownies are about the easiest thing ever, I’ve been making them since I was in middle school. Grumble grumble…

That sounds duplicitous at best… Like buying a “homemade” brownie from whole foods for $5 and discovering it was a box mix from safeway.
Not ethical in my book- hope it’s limited to the brownies. (As an aside those are good brownies…! Maybe they just do it because they’re easy, popular, and it’s a high profit margin for them)

I agree, that sounds at best shaky. There is nothing organic OR “local” about a brownie baking mix!

That was going to be my exact response.

Sounds sketchy but those brownies are awesome. I stopped making homemade after I had them.

Or the other hand, I think a lot of the so called “local” and “organic” places are misleading anyway.

What does “home made” mean? If you make it from brownie mix, it is “home made”.

I think a lot of people do hype up the local. Even I do it. Maybe they started out local and organic, or maybe its always been Costco. They also use IQF cookie balls, which I didn’t even know existed. They seem to be busy, though, so I guess its good enough for most people. I’m just a food snob.

They also bug me because they have a lot of staff who leave little messes around the kitchen. I’m looking for a new place to cook.

I just realized that my previous post was kind of weird. I typed it up while I was busy, so it wasn’t thought out.

Anyway, I meant that some restaurants really “stress” the meaning of organic and local. So much so, that the customers and the restaurants aren’t really on the same page. Partly, it is also the customers’ unrealistic expectation too. I sometime feel some customers actually publish the honest ones. If a restaurant honestly tell the customers that only the vegetables are local, but the meats are not, then many customers will not even support it. Whereas another restaurants which kind of mislead the customers get to thrive.

Effectively, this published the honest ones, and they disappear.