What's your guilty pleasure ?


Food wise of course. Mine are eating the fat off a steak. Mini Nestle drumsticks , Pringles , pie in the morning for breakfast . And of course wine. So what’s your guilty pleasure ?

(Kathy S. ) #2


Sometimes I read the reviews out loud to my husband in different voices I imagine the writer has. He wants to punch me. :laughing:


Chocolate milk.


Bologna and dill pickle sandwich on white bread with mayonnaise. I only feel a little guilty though.

(Gwenn) #5

Oh yeah. And off of prime rib and lamb. I love the fat!! Rainbow cookies with marzipan.

(Junior) #6

Pizza and Vodka although not combined, but when I do it’s a win-win!

Funny , last Friday I was having a crappy kind of day, I was starving and I really needed something to eat. Being in an overall crappy mood I just decided the hell with it, I"m going with an old standby “guilty pleasure”…a double quarter pounder with cheese from Mc D’s. (well the double used to be my guilty pleasure but being older and fat now I decided a regular quarter pounder would suffice for my guilty pleasure “fix”) Anywho…I stopped at Mc Donalds and got it, and dear God did it suck. What a disappointment Honestly it sucked and was a guilty disappointment, so I had to follow it up with vodka to make up for it!!!

(kg) #7

I have a few:
-A couple of times a year I buy, cook and eat the Kraft mac & cheese. Of course it’s not really good mac & cheese, but . . .
-I kind of like the onion petals and steak at Outback. Don’t judge. It’s less than a mile away and the service is good. In the summer the rum punch is pretty tasty and in the winter they have a gingerbread martini that makes a sweet dessert.
-I drive through McD’s once or twice a year for their fries. It’s usually when I’m driving all day and starving.
-I’ve developed a taste for Suddenly Salad. In my defense, I always doctor it up; but yes, I know it’s not “proper” pasta salad.

(:@)) :@)) ) #8

Consuming more cheese and/or beer than I normally do.

Beer and cheese. My 2 greatest downfalls! If I could have one wish it would be to be able to consume unlimited amounts of cheese and beer without health consequences!

Even looking at cheese I experience a 200% rise in oxytocin levels. When I smell cheese and eat it I’m gone!! (also applies to beer)


(Denise) #9

If there’s an open bag of potato or tortilla chips in the cabinet, it does not stand a chance. It might take me a week of nibbling but that bag will be gone. I can resist if the bag is unopened but if not…


I used to do that on Chowhound.


Way too many salted in the shell sunflower seeds, usually consumed with way too much Coke Classic.

(Kathy S. ) #12

Oh c’mon now, I never read Chowhound reviews (mainly because Las Vegas forum is dead) but they can’t be as great as these “birthday” reviews


An excerpt:
"No candle (not important), no decoration (not important), no happy birthday (important). Her dessert was as plain as ours. " [no stars for you!]


Me too! Plus gnawing on steak bones and lamb chop bones (in private). I can’t resist the crispy skin when I roast a chicken. Sometimes the bird is naked before my plate is ready.

When roasting marshmallows I like mine torched.

Every few years I get a massive sweet tooth and binge on an Elvis worthy concoction:
Prepare a slice of toast. Spread marshmallow whip over it. Top with sliced banana. Drizzle honey over the banana. Put under broiler until marshmallow whip begins to turn golden. Eat with a fork!

(erica) #14

I am helpless in the vicinity of cashews. Though I hate paying more per pound because of packaging, I now buy the TJ’S bag of individual 200calorie packets because they work.

Maple syrup on corned beef hash. Just a dribble. First accidental contact was made via a full breakfast plate at a diner.

(Ailsa Konzelman) #15

fresh bread, mainly French and butter. Aerosol whipping cream straight from the can into my mouth.


Aerosol whipping cream straight from the can .:sweat_smile: love it .

(Junior) #17

Ahhhh whipits!!!

(Dan) #18

homemade waffles and ice cream sandwiches or a ice cream waffle cake. my kid would catch me up at 1pm making waffles on the iron while the HD vanilla bean ice cream was softening on the kitchen counter. Friday nights, we would head to the den and we’d watch tv while we enjoyed the grub.

mac and cheese because like ice cream I need to watch how much I enjoy it. The recipe after the pasta is cooked takes a layer of pasta, a layer of three combined cheeses and a milk mixture poured over the top, then doused with panko breadcrumbs. Burning my mouth on lava cheese, guilty pleasure!

(Gwenn) #19

Yep, how could I forget!!! I love the skin. That’s one of the reason I love duck on the bone - skin!!!

(kg) #20

My poor BILs . . . they just let me pick at the turkey and/or chicken skins :thinking: Glad my sisters married understanding men :sweat_smile: