What's your favorite no hassle prepared at home comfort meal ?

After work or just beat . The one you can prepare easy peasy .The meals that hit the spot for you or others at the table you can prepare with ease . My favorite is skillet chicken leg and thigh , cut up new potatoes and sliced zucchini in the same pan . This one hit’s the spot for me . I do love those long braises and the crockpot , but skip it this time .

Wonton is a choice. While there are some works involved, I usually make enough and freeze the wonton dumplings and the wonton stock. So I can just boil the wonton and eat them whenever I want with no hassle (on that particular day).

If we are talking about absolutely no hassle and start from scratch, then I will say: blanching Chinese broccoli.
Wash the vegetable, minimal cutting, blanch for a few minutes, then ready to be served with some oil or some sauce. Plenty healthy too.


I like this approach to the thread . Thanks

Three bean curry. On the table in 20 minutes or so.

I make a quick sauce. Onion, garlic, spices, tin of tomatoes. it simmers for 15 minutes. In goes three tins of assorted beans - chickpeas, butter beans and cannellini beans are a favourite. They warm through. Rice or bread as the carb.

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Grilled cheese, or a fritatta made with cheese and whatever leftovers I have in the fridge.

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spaghetti aglio e olio with spinach from the freezer, or an omelet.


Mine: http://www.sailnet.com/forums/903469-post150.html

Squid & potato stew, a one pot meal that takes about a half hour and can accommodate pretty much any sturdy vegetable (canned tomato, red bell pepper, celery, carrot, mushroom, broccoli) you have on hand. It’s good made with red wine or white wine or stock or beer or just plain ol’ water.

Anything on the grill, like a big fat juicy steak! Really I love grilling so it can be chicken, pork, tuna just about anything I can throw on the grill.


Mine is similar to Harters’, but I add butterfly pasta and keep the sauce thin, resulting in a sort of pasta e fagioli

Mine is masoor dal with rice. I get the rice going in the rice cooker. I get the lentils going on the stove. by the time I chop up my onions, and cook them for the tarka with spices, the lentils are are almost done. Dump the onions spice mix into the lentil, keep boiling. Rice is done, lentils are done. Takes maybe 30 minutes.

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I preprepare and freeze many, many things. I make 3 day stocks. Etc. I cook 100% from scratch.
I don’t own or use a microwave, but the crockpot is my friend.
To answer your question:
If I just want to throw something together, pizza is easy peasy. Dough in fridge next to container of tomato sauce and any cheese in the drawer. Toppings of any kind of leftovers make it more homey and comforting.
A quick, easy sautéed dish of any kind is comforting and quick and easy. Chicken francaise, marsala, etc.
Bouyourdi, baked feta is too easy, too delicious.
In fact, I’ll be home late tonight, bouyourdi is what I’ll make.

I’ve recently gone on that kind of pizza kick. Also my long time go-to is Hazan’s carbonara. I use bacon. And while it calls for parsley and I think it really adds to it, it’s not a must for me. I always have the ingredients on hand.

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Thanks to this thread I made mine tonight!


Yes! Aglio e olio with pesto or lightly fried basil leaves for my husband, he doesn’t have much appetite lately but that is exactly what he has been having for dinner, every night, for at least a month now. Guess he could do worse! Once the toasted bread crumbs are made, the rest is a snap :wink:


Sausage and Potatoes.

I use a link of local German style sausage from any one of a number of local smokehouses, (KountryBoys, Holmes, Burton, etc.). Quarter the approximately 1 lb link and throw in a saute pan with potatoes, and some combination of onions, carrots, peppers, garlic, mushrooms, snow peas, etc.

Pop a lid on it and simmer until the potatoes are done, and voila!

One pot and good to go.

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That looks really good!!!

Comfort food straight out of my Brooklyn childhood – salami and eggs with a side of canned Heinz vegetarian beans.

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Scrambled eggs or omelettes.

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grits and salmon.

grated cheese for topping if I’m feeling ambitious.

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