What's your favorite entree in Red Bank?

Hey, folks. How’s everything? Been a bit, I know. My bad.

Mrs and I are in the area for a week or a month or, well, we’ll see how things go. Yesterday, I stumbled across a couple photos of our old friend ChefMd and I goofing around after a long ago dinner at Trinity. Sad, at first, but they also reminded me of all the fun we had with everyone here, and, of course, back at CH. Thanks, to all of you for that.

Anyway, I should get to the point. We’ve been invited to dinner for my birthday, in Red Bank; but, other than a Bagel Oven stop last Summer, I can’t remember a meal there in forever (yet, somehow, I can still remember where the McDonald’s was on Broad). Long story short, I’m looking for recs.

Nevertheless, I’m not too concerned with any place as a whole. I’m more interested in finding one delicious plate. The entree you’d personally order if you were in town for just the one night. All cuisines are fair game, as are all ingredients. I’m hoping to simply pick the restaurant based upon the idea of which dish mention brings the most water to my mouth. And, besides, this just might spark a good, little debate for a spell.

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Any of the lamb entrées at The Greek Spot (restaurant)!

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You SOB!?!?! Where the hell have you been? You just show up here with some cheap lipstick on your napkin and glitter in your hair and you want me to believe all you did was go out for a quart of milk 5 years ago!?!?!?

Geeze I’ve never been so glad / angry to see someone come back from the dead. Good to see you and glad to know you are alive my friend, enjoy your visit.

To answer your question, while I concur with @CurlzNJ for the Greek Spot, if you are looking for something a little more formal, the pork chop at Semolina. Good luck getting a reservation unless it’s during the week, wish I could say I would help you, but since the pandemic I’ve been back once, so I’ve lost any “juice” I had there. (also they have a homemade pasta, I forget the name, kind of like tortellini get that too!) BYO

Seriously that’s the place I would say to give a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Good seeing you, hope all is well.


I knew someone would chime in about Semolina; @gracieggg loves it too - I just haven’t been there yet! And I obviously missed the part about this being a birthday dinner. Greek Spot is awesome and BYO, but it’s also very casual, so I agree that you may want to go somewhere else.

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What can I tell you – Arnold breadcrumbs are a terrible substitute for GPS technology.

I knew you folks would help a tired, old hound out. It was good to look in on you all yesterday. Catch up on a few years of food love Jersey style.

Funny thing is that Greek Spot has been suggested by non-food dorks too. Now with a couple of endorsements from trusted souls, I just might dash up there for lunch today.


It’s good to see you, Ma’am. Hope you’ve been well.

No need to worry about the birthday element - beyond the fact that I get to pick, but not pay. I’m on the downhill side of fifty and this one doesn’t end with a 5 or a 0.


Got it. Great to see you back here!

Greek Spot is BYO, you DO need a res for dinner, and I happen to love the boisterous atmosphere as well as the food. And happy birthday!!


Omg get the pork chop at semolina! It’s delicious!!! Or basically any item on the menu! We just went on Sun.


Just occurred to me…if you don’t have to go to Red Bank, Drew’s new location just opened… can’t go wrong there! (Note that they haven’t updated their site and don’t get me started, but they ARE open)


“Note that they haven’t updated their website….”

Well, they have been rather busy! Since the website only has the message about the new location, perhaps they’re planning to give the website a facelift. In any case, they’ve posted the current menu on FB and IG.

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Sorry, but even they don’t get a pass from me, and I suspect if they weren’t a favorite of yours already that you would say the same. (And for those who don’t know me, I have plenty of chef and industry friends, so I do know how nutty they are!)

The website clearly states the phone number is the same and it’s not even on there! This is all part of doing business in 2023 and if someone isn’t already a fan of the place, they may not bother checking social media. If a restaurant has time or a staff member who’s updating social media, they could at least do the same for their website.


Not a huge fan of restaurants in Red Bank and agree with @CurlzNJ that Drew’s in Keyport is the better call. However, if I had to choose, I would go with the Korean Steak and Fries (or anything for that matter) at Yumi. Start with a salad, order a few cold and warm plates and finish with one of their signature rolls. You will not be sorry. Enjoy.


MZ! Holy Shit. Welcome Home!!!


Thank you, Ma’am. It’s a pleasure to be back. I would have said 'Hello" when we were around at Christmas, but between that terrible cold air and the news of an old friend’s passing, I wasn’t really feeling much of a Going Out urge.

It’s funny getting used to a Manasquan without that crappy, little Acme to bail me out in a pinch though. Then again, I’m still not used to having to settle for Squan Tavern pizza either, and Frank and Maria haven’t been doing their thing for years.

On the other hand, it’s good to see Max Devros appears to have survived the Pandemic. They’re not really hitting the potential for that space, but at least they left enough of the Remington’s ghosts to preserve a couple of fond, personal memories.

Alright, I better stop. Next thing you know, I’ll be waxing nostalgic for the Water Slide.

Be well, my friend.


Always have to prop up Monticello BYOB when Red Bank pops up.
Pear Salad, Shrimp with Long Hots app, Stuffed Chicken, Pork Chop (Scarpariello but have to request and has Long Hots), ANY Pasta.
Her, Kat the Chef/Owner, Pomodoro is the best I have had. Oh…the Mussels or Clams app too!


As they say, the more things change the more they stay the same. So true for Manasquan. Any time you’re in town give me a call. I think of you every time I roast - or eat - Hatch Chiles!!!


Definitely agree about the pork chop at Semolina. Another option I’ll throw out there is the cheeseburger at Barrel and Roost. It’s one of the best I’ve had and most of the other food is excellent as well.


Agree on the Semolina’s pork chop. Always a fabulous meal.