What's Your Beef (Rumson, NJ) Has New Owner

On “Table Hopping with Rosie,” she reports that What’s Your Beef has been sold to Marilyn Schlossberg. I’ve never heard of Schlossberg, so I Googled. Marilyn Schlossberg Group owns several NJ restaurants. It’s been eons since we last ate at What’s Your Beef? It will be interesting to see what, if any, changes will be made under this new ownership.

I LOVE the concept of WYB but I’ve never found any compelling reason to return. The prices are high and the steaks are just normal… 10 oz steak is 27$… 24oz adds up to 65$… what a rip off. I really wish we had a place in the area with reliable moderately priced steaks (a la Arthur’s or Fernandez).

Well Fernandes isn’t a horrible trip, 20 mins, which it could take you to get across Red Bank at rush hour if you hit the train.

I’ve enjoyed WYB over the years, truthfully I really like their salad and bread bar the most. Throw in the cheese spread and crackers at the bar the steak is almost secondary. ALMOST! Lol

Friends of mine “checked into” WYB on Facebook so I posted a note about it being under new ownership, by the end of the night WYB responded to my post. I give them props for staying on top of their social media.

Eek. Half the charm of What’s Your Beef is the “stepping through the time machine” factor. Lose that, and the place might easily become the next victim of Marilyn’s overexpansion failures.

Hey look who it is!! Looks like those rumors I started of your demise where in deed over stated!!

Good to see ya stranger! Yes let’s hope they don’t do the Fromgerie/David Burke revamp of the place. If ever there was a restaurant that should have stayed dark and dank, it is one that has Burke running around sweating profusely.

(I’ve said the same thing about Drews, one of the least appealing aspects of dining there is the open kitchen which affords you a glance of Drew sweating his ass off over the dishes on the line. Yummmmy!!)

In fairness, Marilyn’s a nice lady, so you know - she doesn’t sweat, she perspires.

Valid point, as always sir!

Exactly…if they try to renovate this place it is toast. The allure of wyb is the old school vibe. I don’t even eat steaks there. I like the architecture/wood, decor, cheese spread, burgers, baked potatoes with “fixings tray” and a few tasty beers on tap.

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