what's up with pepe bocca in davis square?

stopped by in december to pick up a few things, and it was business as usual. yesterday i wanted to pick up some parm rinds and it says they don’t open until 5ish for dinner. the website says it’s a “artisian italian market and restaurant.” but a market that doesn’t open until 5?

anyone know when this began? i miss being able to pick up one of their great cannolis (better than most in the north end). i pass through davis square often over the course of the week, but almost always during the day. i guess i’ll have to wait until i find myself there in the evening.

During and since their renovation they’ve been hugely unreliable. I’ve posted my renovation schedule accounts elsewhere (they were closed on three occasions when they said they’d be open).

Since then, I tried to order online from them once for delivery. They took the order, and I even got a call asking if they could sub something else for broccoli rabe (there’s no adequate sub – but that’s not my main point), then after 90 min of waiting I noticed I had an email saying they had quietly canceled the entire order.

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whoa, that is just terrible

I am just checking in to see if anyone has been to Pepe Bocca since it appears to have changed to a dinner-only restaurant. Loved the food in the old market configuration, loved the bread (and bread class!) there, and the items in the market.
Have the initial kinks in service been worked out?
How about the food?