What's the point of super hot peppers?

Why do they continue to create peppers that are so hot they are practically inedible? I know hot peppers can be good for you, but there has to be a point you stop breeding them soooo hot!

That is a very good question. I guess to some it is a hobby and they just want to push the envelope. This guy makes it seem like he wanted to help in the medical world, but my guess is mainly for bragging rights.

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Weapons Grade Chilies :hot_pepper:
Have to give credit for turning out a memorable phrase like that!
The older I get, the more wimpy I am as far as
Sweat inducing interludes with hot sauces and peppers.

There was a story I heard either here or somewhere else. There’s a Thai restaurant somewhere in the States. Only American patrons ask for their dishes super spicy to the point of being inedible. The kitchen just chuckle and throw a bunch of chiles in for these patrons.

So the Thai kitchen often thinks Americans don’t want heat, so they don’t cook it hot. And that causes a subset to over correct and ask for Thai-hot or however overly hot term they use.


Ridiculous. Hot chili salves are already used to treat arthritic pain but at the price of severe burning pain that triggers enough endorphins to override both pain sources. It strains credulity that patients could tolerate enough chili pain to allow scalpels, sutures, etc. Then there’s the issue of being conscious and not immobilized.

I once had especially bad back pain. I had a friend apply a chili-based pain patch to the area. After an hour or so, I couldn’t handle the burning any longer and asked her to remove it. She said the skin looked burned. Cold water was all that was available, and didn’t help much. It was a week before the skin healed.

Macho bragging rights, I’ll wager. I’d be shocked if female horticulturists were part of the competition.


We make a variety of hot sauces ranging from a mild Sriracha up to a Red Hot Habanero. The Habanero will give you blisters. The #1 question I get about hot sauce is “Do you have anything hotter?”. To me - after a certain point all the flavor is lost & all that remains is the burn.


I guess there are people like that! But exactly, all you have is burn and no flavor. Not to mention that you probably can’t taste anything else after that!

People who eat a lot of hot sauce develop a tolerance. I eat it just about every day but not in the amounts or Scoville levels that true chileheads do. I think it just takes a lot of capsaicin for them feel much heat. There are youtube videos of people eating sauces and chiles that would blow my head off, and they don’t seem bothered much at all.

I found this scale of how much heat is in hot sauce brands. Of course my two favorites (Frank’s and Tabasco) barely even register.


This is interesting. I see two rankings for Tabasco, though - one at 750 for “Tabasco” and another at 3,500 for “Tabasco brand Pepper Sauce,” which I would assume is the original. Maybe the one listed at 750 is one of their milder sauces? I find original Tabasco to be more or less the same heat level as Cholula (listed at 3,600), so that would make sense.

Oh my!!

This is the one I buy - Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce ‘.
I think you’re right about the other one being a milder version.

Huh? Now I’m confused. I have to go look at my Tabasco.

I’m confused too. Regular tobasco is around 3500

Here’s their product list. The other list must be wrong.

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