What's the one New Jersey restaurant that sucks yet you keep going

I’ll go on a rant soon but someone start the party :smile:

So why do you keep going? I think everyone probably has a spot in mind.

Not sure if this thread is sorta based on my rant against Avenue in Long Branch, but I’ve done that already, so I’ll be brief.

Do not, under any circumstances, go to Avenue. I always walk away swearing I will never bow to outside pressure to “go someplace with an ocean view” again.

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The Barge in Perth Amboy. Roots in Summit. Langosta Lounge in A.P. The Ebbitt Room in Cape May. Sammy’s in Mendham.

Please put your location of interest in the title of your post.

We have family members who love these $10 and $20 deals at TGIFs, Applebees, etc. and spending meals with them includes playing along from time to time. I detest chains of this sort. I regret each meal, doesnt matter which town.

Your post did inspire me but it’s been on my radar for a while. I can honestly say I’ve never spent a single penny at the Avenue. I’ve been there quite a few times though. I have vendors that want to eat on the ocean so I get there.

I’m going with “off the hook”

I like the spot/view and enjoy the sports cars and bikes tearing by, but the food is just half ass. My cousin lives right near there so I continue to visit and see him. The beer selection sucks too. This spot used to be awesome back in the early 2000s, maybe not for food but for a good time. Car loads of girls would stop there in bikinis heading home from the beach and Donovans. I may have met one or two :slight_smile:

Now it’s a serious drag lol

And if you DO need an ocean view, why not Sirena? I’ve had one (surprisingly) delicious lunch there, and (off season) hit their happy hour, which was also a pleasant surprise.

I can’t say it’s a full-blown rant (at least, not yet), but I’m sorry to say that while I love Barrio Costero for the quality of their food and cocktails, I do always leave saying “If they just put 1/4 more on the plate, I wouldn’t think so much about how much I just spent…” The last time I was there, a friend said “Why do they use these giant plates when the portions are so tiny? It just reminds you of how little food you’re getting for the money!” Sadly, he’s right.

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Hey @NotJrvedivici can we add New Jersey to the title of this thread?

As in “what’s the one New Jersey restaurant that sucks…”

Even if there are so many that suck in New Jersey that it may be hard to limit yourself.

I visited Dublin House in Red Bank a few too many times before writing them off. It’s a place I wanted to like, but the food comes up short against even your run of the mill pub grub.

And the drinks are WAY overpriced as well. I can’t figure that place out other than the fact you can sit outside. This might be my top spot for this list as friends keep suggesting it and we keep getting stuck here. Last time was 70 bucks for three appys and two drinks I shit you not. Time before that was 60 bucks for three rounds of drinks that were watered down esp after they got me by pulling ketel one as thier well brand. Plus the food sucks. I’d rather go to any pizza place to eat then Dublin House.

Raven and the Peach. For their price point their complete lack of consistency puts them in the “sucks” category. Somewhere on here was a list of the most expensive restaurants in NJ and they were on there, to be on that list you should deliver exceptional quality and service, they just simply don’t do that. I keep going back because it has always been on of my favorite restaurant environments and my mother use to love when I brought here there. So I will continue to visit a few times a year, I would go more if they were consistently good, but I’ve been burned too many times recently to encourage anyone to pay a visit. It’s a shame.

In addition to that my guilty pleasure is the Chinese Buffet on 36 in Eatontown. The food is truly mediocre to bad, especially the actual Chinese food, but I’m addicted to the peel and eat shrimp. Also whatever brand of frozen fried shrimp they use is awesome. lol

Restaurants that truly suck yet stay open, well that list is too long. CJ Mc’loons (I don’t go) and recently I got duped into having a meal at Danny’s, for a place that calls itself a “steakhouse” to put it in the words of Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O’leary, Danny’s should be taken out back and shot. Just put this place down already.

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Ah the grand buffet…where dreams are won and lost lol. Those fried shrimp do kick ass! Joon told me about his butter garlic trick. You go up to the raw meat section at the grill and just decimate the shrimp bin. Add one giant spoonful of chili oil, one giant spoonful of garlic and then proceed to the crab section for a ladle full of butter. Let the guy cook you up a fresh plate of garlic shrimp…done!

Unless you are hammering crab down there is no reason to hit this place for dinner. Just get the lunch.

How about the Walt street pub? There is everyone from bonjovi and stock brokers coming off the train, to hobos and supermodels…and everything in between. That place sucks but if you’re tying one on, it can be an interesting night lol


For me, it’s the Menlo Park Diner. Place doesn’t have terrible reviews and is not exactly terrible itself, but I became close friends with a long-time waitress and had, well, some intel about the goings on there.

Huge portions but exorbitant prices for a diner and you can tell everything is frozen or canned. Every once in a while, they hit a homerun, but you can tell the passion ran out ages ago. It is uninspired, but gives you that classic diner feel. Right on Route 1 in Edison.


Might be before your time, however the best Diner in Edison (area) was the Parsonage Diner. Located on the corner of Parsonage Rd. and Rt. 27 current home to Walgreens. Dam shame when we lost that place. (Edison is my hometown)

Parsonage diner was very good. When I worked in Metropark I went there often but not as often as Luna Bell.

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Yes, I think we had this discussion once prior, the Luna Bell was great too.