What's the deal with localflavor.com?

I was bored this morning and looked through a local NJ Clipper magazine. In it I saw a few local places I like to eat at and some newer ones advertising that a half price deal was at www.localflavor.com so I checked it out. The deals look good. Has anyone ever used them?

I am always a little wary about these things.

Deals are great and they usually work. I use them almost any time I have one of those “hang with some pizza” type event with friends. 30 bucks worth of pizza for 15 is always a good time.

Not sure about local flavor, but Groupon is tremendously unfair to small restaurants. If there’s a small place you like, the best thing you can do to support is to pay full price, with cash!

I don’t know what you mean by tremendously unfair… all of these services (Localflavor, Groupon, Restaurant.com) are essentially advertisements for the restaurants. They basically get no money out of the deal but participate to attract customers. It’s not like Groupon forces restaurants to sign up for these deals.

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