What's next for Jacques Pepin


Thanks grey. I love Jacques and I learned a lot I didn’t know in this article. It’s not surprising so many of his relationships have lasted decades; he seems like such a humble, decent man. (And e didn’t go to high school, but he has a graduate degree in French Lit from Columbia :open_mouth:

You should read his memoir, The Apprentice. It’s very well written. There are a few recipes, but it’s definitely more about his family, friendships, and colleagues than about cooking per se.

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I’ll keep an eye out for it. Thanks for the recommendation!

It’s old, but available at libraries, and used copies are cheap at eBay, Amazon, etc.

Thank you for posting - what a charming interview. I just finished watching the duck episode from the Heart and Soul series and was thinking (yet again) what a genius he is - I learn something new every time I watch one of his shows, which is something I can no longer say about any show on the Food Network or Cooking Channel.

Another article, although the author’s suggestion that most readers don’t know who Mr. Pepin is strikes me as revealing a jawdropping degree of ignorance. I guess my generation gap - or chasm - is showing.

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Another good article grey. I too was stunned by the assertion that people don’t know him, but after reading some of the comments there are apparently people who don’t :confused: And apparently nobody watches PBS either? Who knew I was such an outlier?

I second that! The Apprentice was a very enjoyable read.

And, he likes to be taught, too! I met him a few years ago in Essex, CT during their annual Shad Festival. He came to visit the event with his wife and pet dog. It’s not far from his home in Madison. Here was Jacques Pepin standing there like a tourist watching a shad preparation demo. So respectful! I know he could have shown the demonstrator a thing or two, but he watched quietly just like the rest of us…
Later on he went to the local book store to autograph some of his books. We chatted, and how nice and gentle he was. A fond memory…

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I just bought the Kindle version on Amazon. Maybe it’s available digitally on other formats, too.

I love this guy. Recently saw him talking about the sin of following a recipe to the letter. He said it’s a guide. He said he doesn’t follow his own recipes to the letter. One day it takes longer to cook than another. Adjust to your oven etc. He said people complain because it didn’t turn out like the picture. Use what you have if you don’t have all the ingredients

I’m like YES! Because this how I follow a recipe. It’s just a guide


I won an autographed copy of Essential Pepin when he visited our town for a demo. Very nice man.

He had a small stroke recently but seems to have rebounded nicely. I didn’t know about his severe injuries in a car accident.

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