What's new and good in Napa?

I havent been in a while and need to pick a place for lunch. Considering Addendum, Solbar, or Evangeline., but there might be newer interesting places to try. I have not been keeping tabs on the napa restaurant scene for 2 years. Thanks for your recommendations!

Two Birds One Stone at Freemark Abbey has opened.

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In downtown Miminashi, a Izakaya place started by a former Oenotri chef is new and very good.
Ate there last night with friends and almost everything was excellent. The fried rice with bacon was especially addicting.


How’s Solbar and Evangeline after the chef’s departure though? (@Meatn3 will be happy that the chef is heading your way)

Doh, I forgot that the chef left.

Two birds isnt open for lunch yet unfortunately otherwise that would be the top choice. The in laws are visiting over the holidays so we will try to go to two birds then.

I never made it to Oenetri but had heard it was excellent, I suppose I can skip ahead to Miminashi. Italian to Asian though…that is quite a jump as well.

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Two Birds/One Stone reportedly serves lunch Friday to Sunday.

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No it is closed for lunch. I tried to go for lunch today and no dice. They havent changed their automated phone message to reflect this. Get it together.

Went to Addendum instead and the fried chicken was perfect.

Two birds ended up being overall above average but not amazing. The space was huge, such a nice change from the places in denser parts of the Bay Area where they need to move the tables each time someone gets in or out. The service was inconsistent, sometimes great, very accomodating to our demanding party, but our waiter forgot a few of our dishes. We reminded him twice about one dish and when it never arrived we simply made sure it didnt appear on the check.

I would return for their fried chicken nights or their ramen nights. The fried chicken wings were my favorite, not as good as fusebox but still very good. Their sesame noodles were not very interesting in flavor but the noodles were springy and toothsome, so I imagine their ramen will have high quality noodles.

None of the savory dishes were bad or boring. In fact, they have the best version of okonomiyaki that I’ve tried. It’s a dish I dont like and would describe as something a drunk Japanese person created to sober up. But yay for the least gross version of that dish, I had avoided Iyasare’s version the week before when our dining group ordered it.

The one part of the menu I didnt get to sample was the sashimi, so I hope someone else can report back on those.

The three desserts I tried were all too salty. One was salted caramel, but the others were ice creams, including a miso ice cream.

Everyone else in our group enjoyed the food immensely, but most of them dont have the same access to high quality asian food like I do.

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