What's in a name: King Arthur Flour

The company has changed its name to King Arthur Baking, which is regrettably appropriate. Most of the popular flours are STILL unavailable from their online store. As someone who is disabled and no longer driving, I couldn’t go on a supermarket safari even if we weren’t in a pandemic. In anticipation of an autumn quarantine, I was hoping to get a bag or two of flour in case supermarkets run out of packaged bread and other popular staples. Looks like lots of folks beat me to it!

In stock and on sale here https://shop.kingarthurbaking.com/refine-results/all-purpose-3-pound .

Thanks, I saw that. The UB AP Flour seems to be the only basic flour available, and it’s something I hardly ever use. I was looking for Bread Flour, White Whole Wheat and/or Whole Wheat Pastry flour. They don’t have the more specialized ones either…like sourdough flour or multigrain bread flour.

Ah. You said “most popular” and AP is about as popular as you can get.

Remember that there is plenty of flour. The problem is a shortage of the small packaging materials. I bet you can get anything you want if you’ll buy a 50# bag. grin

Supply of bags with the name and logo change (:-1: to both, IMO) may be part of the shortage issues.

I don’t know where you’re located, but if you have a Grocery Outlet near you there’s a chance some KAF products will make their way there. One of the ways GO gets its stock is when companies change names or package design and they have to get the old versions off the shelves, even though the food is perfectly good in terms of expiration date and such.

My Costco just started carrying 25lb bags of KA AP flour. It’s been in stock the last few weeks. I know some Costcos have carried it for years.

White Whole Wheat has disappeared everywhere from what I can tell. Trader Joe’s hasn’t had it in stock for months now, either.

I can still find KA Bread flour once every 2 or 3 weeks. The regular 5 lb bags.

As for the name change, their blog post didn’t provide any clarity for me. It feels like change for the sake of change. I’ll give it a year or so and see how I feel then.

It’s another implication of coronavirus. Net flour consumption has not changed. It is wildly up in the retail market and down in commercial. Plenty of flour but not enough 2#, 4#, and 5# bags. 50# bags are easy to come by. All the brands are struggling.

I got 10 lbs of KA bread flour from Walmart (online). It’s been in and out of stock over the past months - looks like it’s in.


I saw that, listed as 2-day delivery. But in my online cart, it was listed as requiring pickup, so I voided it. HOPING to get to Wegmans next month.

Eh. That’s happened to me. Good luck in your search.

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FWIW, KA’s online store now has 5# bags of white whole wheat in stock.


Kroger in Decatur GA (adjacent to ATL) had plenty of 10 # bags, plus bread flour.

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I had good luck ordering flour and other items from https://www.webstaurantstore.com/