What's good in Lil' Rhody these days?

Sadly, very little chatter around RI these days. It’s a small yet mighty place for eating, which is why I need help. We’re meeting up with my parents for lunch tomorrow and I am looking for a restaurant that (1) is kid-friendly, (2) knows their way around seafood, (3) is not too loud [for my parents], (4) is preferably in Providence since we’ll be hitting the awesome Children’s Museum either prior to or after lunch. My parents actually don’t mind hipster-type joints, such as Julian’s/Pizza J on the West Side since they’ve been stuck with me for their entire lives. However, it’s been a while since we’ve seen them and dad’s been going through some health schtuff so I’m looking for something a bit more special-y. I would normally pick a place like Red Dory (big time love) or Boathouse (more middling, but nice in a parents-sort-of way), both in Tiverton, but that’s a little too far for this visit. Any suggestions off the top of anyone’s heads?

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Not the most kid friendly, but probably not bad if you dine early, Al Forno has a wood grilled Margarita (their spelling) pizza that any kid would love.

yeah, it’s too bad. I had some idea what was what down there when I lived in Attleboro, but these days I jut have no intel and the few regulars from that way seem not to have come here from Chowhound.