What's Good in [Brea]?

I have an appointment tomorrow morning in Brea; I’m not really familiar with Brea, and I don’t think I’ve ever explored it before in any capacity, let alone the culinary scene. Anything good or noteworthy to check-out while I’m here? I’m guessing my appointment should be over around 11:00-11:30.

A bit south in Anaheim (if ok) try …

Or if you’re headed back up north toward Rowland Heights then

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I’m intrigued by Luck Gai.

The Chinese-Korean place looks good, but it’s in the wrong direction. Have you been to Hsiang Yuen Restaurant in Artesia? How does Authentic compare to it?

I have, but it’s been probably over a decade now (before the current owners) so really hard to say.

Oh that’s interesting, the current owners gave me the impression they were the original owners from…40 years ago? However long it’s been.

I could be wrong but I am almost sure that’s not true, but whatever.

For what it’s worth, I do recall that I really enjoyed their Tangsooyook and Orange Chicken (of all things), and this is coming from someone whose mom used to manage several Panda Express locations in the early 1990s.


I live in Brea. There is nothing good that I would go out of my way for. Depending on what direction you’re coming from Anaheim has very good Lebanese. My favorite is Zait N Zataar. If you’re coming from LA on the 60/10 you’ll pass by good Chinese in Industry/Diamond Bar area. We like Earthern. There is a Bafang Dumpling off Asuza. There are outposts of more popular SGV outlets in the area like Chengdu Taste, Northern Cafe, Haidailao, etc…


Yeah, I tried to go to a well-reviewed coffee shop that looked good only to find it had recently gone out of business. So Coffee Bean it was, and my schedule did not permit me to make any other stops, unfortunately.

No worries, I could have misinterpreted as well. You are correct, though: Hsiang Yuen’s tangsuyuk is fucking bomb!!

If you ever go back to Brea there are a couple of good local coffee spots - Reborn Coffee in the Whole Foods plaza and Smoking Tiger Coffee on Imperial Blvd where Home Depot is.

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Thanks! Yeah, I saw those when performing my initial Google search, but by the time I had driven in circles trying to locate the closed coffee shop, I didn’t feel like much exploring, especially since the traffic lights are so poorly timed on Imperial Hwy.

Maybe next year? My CPA moved to Brea, so I doubt I’ll have much of a reason to be out that way very often.

Got it. I was just commenting that I started to do all my tax stuff online and don’t need to visit my CPA in person anymore. Upload all the files to a secure site then have a quick call to go over questions. A BBQ chicken just opened up in Brea so we have that going for us.

Well I’m still going to have in-person meetings because while my CPA is inputing my paperwork, we have a conversation about finances and market strategies, so I get my taxes done + a free consult… can’t possibly give that up!

As for Brea, I wish I’d realized they have a location of The Hat beforehand, as that’s where I would have ended-up for food.

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