What's good at Del Frisco's Steakhouse, Manhattan?

We have been invited to join relatives from out of town at Del Frisco’s Steakhouse in Manhattan. Wondering what stands out on the menu. Thanks…

Um, steak??? :smiley:

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Er, steak?

Now I’m going out on a limb here, but maybe the steak?

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Since someone else is paying I’d order the 32oz Wagyu tomahawk chop at $ 95.

And maybe the table side carved lobster tail.

I think the Wagyu is steak, right?

Funny…but what cuts are best, chops maybe, appetizers, desserts, alternative dishes perhaps.

Hard to beat a 32 oz Wagyu Tomahawk chop and table side carved lobster tail.

The thought of having them “carve” a lobster tail for you is so cool.

As regards sides, Steakhouse sides are all an afterthought anyway.

Nobody goes to a steakhouse for the sides…

Ok, sides:

Lobster Mac and cheese,

Shaved brussel sprouts with bacon, and
caramelized onion, &

Wild mushrooms with pearl onions.

They have stone crab claws so you have to have those to start. Have to.

And maybe some oysters.

Creme Brulee to share and a couple espressos and you’re set.

Unless you’re a glutton, I think you could easily split the Wagyu Tomahawk.

That’s an awesome steak.

I’ve had both the portherhouse for 2 and the rib eye and both have been very good. The food is excellent here I just don’t care for the atmosphere. Del Frisco’s is the “next generation” steakhouse in my opinion, breaking the glass ceiling of the old stodgy steakhouses of Wall St. men only traditional steakhouse (Keens/Homestead/Smith Wool etc ). While the food is very good, the bar is loud and open as is the entire dining room. I found it next to impossible to have a decent conversation without nearly screaming across the table.

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Yep. It is loud. Most of the new places are.

I swear it’s the hardwood floors and utter lack of fabric in the interiors.

That and the fact that they squeeze so many tables in next to each other that you are sitting on top of your neighbors.

And if the waiters don’t pull the table out your neighbors A$$ets hit you in the face if they have to powder something…

Thanks for the suggestions…

stop … I can’t breathe


The mashed potatoes and au gratin are both really yummy

Yes, but ordinary.

Well, we got to Del Frisco’s last night, a relatively mild evening for this time of the year, and the place was humming. Packed to the rafters on both levels with Christmas lights glimmering through the picture windows on 6th Ave. We were a table of 8 and I was able to share bites with everyone. I started with a Caesar Salad which was fine and had a taste of the Iceburg Lettuce Wedge with bacon and bleu cheese sauce that was quite good. I ordered the bone-in Prime Ribeye topped with their truffle King Crab, and a side of Cauliflower & Brie au Gratin. The steak was tender as could be and tasty. The side of cauliflower good. In fact both bordered on decadent.
Along the way I had a chance to taste their Heirloom Tomato & Burrata Salad, tender double-cut Lamb Chops, Prime Braised Short Rib. All over the top! For dessert the house served us complementary Cheesecake and Lemon Cake. By this point we were all hitting ‘food coma’.
Caveats: Tables were too close together even hindering the service staff who were working hard; it was loud as hell; and the bathrooms were upstairs.
Walked over to see the Tree at Rock Center after and it calmed us all…

Told ya so!!

I forgot about this, however I do “think” they have an elevator for those who require assistance.

Excellent review and very accurate based on my experience as well. While the food is excellent I can have the same quality in far better environments for my preferences. Either way I’m glad you enjoyed! No pics???

Yes, you’re description came close, Joliet. Overall, did enjoy the experience…Others took photos. When I get them I may share.

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